ᐈ Ash Brawl Stars Phrases in Spanish ❤️ 2022

The personalities of Brawl Stars players are always elements that we like to discover, so with the arrival of a new friend it is impossible not to want to know everything about him, in this case Ash is a mystery to discover.

This figure has a mysterious image, but with these Phrases from Ash Brawl Stars in Spanish you’ll know what to face when you play with it. From his half scavenger/half knight image, Ash certainly has a strong sense of honor and purity.

Who is Ash in Brawl Stars?

This new character is the backyard sweeper of the famous castle in which the season takes place.
Ash hates trash and will do the same to his opponents. Although the new chromatic appears to be hiding a secret, his true identity is hidden beneath all that armor that makes up the dustbins, brooms and his scavenger shield.

Moving on to the important part, he furiously hits the ground with his trusty broom, causing a shock wave in a straight line. All enemies in this lane are hit and take damage, which helps Ash charge up his rage gauge, which also charges when hit, like tanks.

Brawl Stars once again plays with new mechanics and introduces this rage of Ash’s, which when he manages to fill the maximum, increases his strength and speed. All of these help you get ahead of your enemies or save you while running away.

Ash’s phrases in Braw Stars

  • watch my moves
  • for honor
  • Be careful what you throw away
  • pick up your trash
  • Look where you’re going
  • On guard
  • I will punish with my sword
  • run if you can
  • Nothing will stop me
  • be careful what you do
  • Run for your life
  • I’ll clean the floor with you
  • Your soul has them
  • lose you
  • That’s mine.

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