ᐈ Between us: Colors ❤️ 2022

Among Us is a game that allows its users to customize the characters they play with from different skins, very rare hats, accessories of all kinds and pets that make this game not only engaging but also very fun.

But aside from all that, there’s another quirk, which is the colors that the characters can have.

Here you can customize your avatar with your preferred color to make it look even more interesting and unique.

Colors available in Mezi nami

There are a total of 12 colors available in the game with which you can customize your character as you want without any additional value, they are:

Black, blue, light blue or turquoise, red, grey, pink, yellow, dark green, light green, brown, orange and purple.

How to change the color of your character

You can change the color of your character whenever you want by:

  1. Enter the game.
  2. In the waiting room, look for the PC, click there and the game store will open.
  3. In it you can choose the color of the character you want and you can change your avatar with just a touch, you can also add an accessory to make it look unique.
Between Us: Colors

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