ᐈ Between us! Servers are down ❤️ 2022

It doesn’t take long after you have the game installed to see that the Between Us servers are down.

This mistake has become almost normal as it has gained the popularity it enjoys today.

And although the developers of the game have tried to fix this glitch, they cannot keep up with the number of new players joining every day.

Why does Among Us have broken servers?

This game, developed by inner lazinessa small developer that was never expected to become a new sensation in the gaming world overnight, two years after it was released.

While it’s every video game creator’s dream, the truth is that after two years of being “just another game” in the catalog, no one would have expected a YouTuber to accidentally find the game and put it on the internet’s radar.

Because between us It was supposed to be a game that few people would play, its servers were not able to accommodate the wave of new players who downloaded the game in the last few weeks.

This saturation of players makes the game any buggy you can imagine. The error messages range from you have a previous version, to the current version, to connecting.

Fortunately, from his official account at Twitterannounced that they are working to fix this issue so that we can all play it without any problems.

Troubleshooting the Between Us server

Even though the game has been updated several times a week, these server crash bugs have not been fixed yet.

You can find many of them on the Internetsolution”, but most of them are useless.

The only viable options are leave and enter game several times until you can enter the game or disconnect from the internet and reconnect if the game reports a connection error.

In any case, the only solution is to try many times until you can run the game.

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