ᐈ Fortnite Buttered Stable ❤️ 2022

Fortnite is one of the most recognized and famous battle royale of recent times, which in turn is full of many unique features, such as the fact that you can build and explore thousands of new areas.

The game is developed according to seasons and chapters, each of them with new alternatives, so that its users do not fall into monotony.

Currently fortnite is in season 5, this one has come with thousands of challenges, some more difficult than others, and many brand new fast and interesting missions.

Among the most famous and simplest are:

  • “Land in the fortnite butter stable”

This stable is located exactly in the central area of ​​the fortnite map, above the hunter’s house in the purple area of ​​the map, to the left of the waterfall.

It has a pancake symbol at the entrance, and to complete said mission, it will be enough to fall into the structure from the sky.

You won’t need to do any special action there, just landing will suffice, although since this is a seasonal mission, you’ll need to be aware of other players who will no doubt drop into the same spot with the intention of completing the challenge.

Always remember to go with the necessary weapons, ready to fight.

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