ᐈ Free Assault Rifle Fire ❤️ 2022

They are rifles better known as machine guns, they are usually the most used on the battlefield of Free Fire because they are easy to find and quick to fire.

They are weapons that can help you in different types of confrontations at long, medium and close range.

Main features

Free Fire has 11 types of machine guns, among which there are classic and heavy, they are:

type of weapon Damage Range Accuracy rate of fire ammunition charging speed
M4A1 53 77 54 56 30 48
SCAR 53 60 42 61 30 41
AN94 60 55 48 58 30 Four five
FAMES 53 70 54 67 30 48
AUGUST 56 56 35 61 35 48
AK 62 73 41 55 30 41
M14 76 79 57 43 fifteen 41
XM8 57 58 58 60 25 48
THE HORROR 61 75 54 56 30 48
M60 56 65 43 56 60 48
M249 57 77 56 59 100 48


M4A1: It’s an excellent weapon for medium and long range attacks, you’ll need to equip it with various accessories to make it more useful and deal more damage.

AN94: This is a weapon that has good range and recoil, not highly recommended for melee attacks, it is a version of a conventional AK.

AUGUST: It is a weapon that can deal a lot of damage, is ideal at long and medium range, has its default aim and can be equipped with various accessories.

AC: The AK is a good weapon but not easy to handle as it has a lot of recoil, if you control and use it correctly it can become a deadly ally for your enemies.

M14: This is a high impact machine gun, it is usually the most powerful that exists in the game, the best thing is that you can add various accessories that can cause death, it has little ammunition, so it is important to consider the location of the next magazine.

XM8: The weapon, which has a default sight, has low recoil and allows several attachments to be equipped to increase its capability, good for close-to-mid range use.

M60: It is a very powerful weapon with its excellent properties, it was damaged, speed, accuracy, it also has great ammo and fires with a burst that you can add various accessories to make it deadly.

hard to find

Free Fire Assault Rifles

M249: It is undoubtedly a very strong and powerful weapon, another of the best on the battlefield, it is ideal at all ranges, has great ammo and is hard to find on the game maps.

HORROR: This is an excellent weapon, classified as one of the best in the game, it is usually deadly to your enemies if you know how to use its power, it is not very common to find it, but if at the same time, do not hesitate to equip it.


FAMOUS: This weapon can fire a burst of three shots, it is an extremely famous weapon in the game, you can also include various accessories to improve its properties.

Scar: Aside from being one of the most popular weapons in Free Fire, it’s simple to control but not very powerful or accurate.

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