ᐈ Free Fire Purge Map ❤️ 2022

Purgatory is the second map to appear in the game, it is a very mountainous map and also has a river that divides the island.

It is popular with many users because once they know it, it is easy to gain an advantage against the enemy with their key attack points, it has some main areas to get loot and the ability to equip faster.

This map is popular for the number of vehicles it has, but also for the zip lines that allow you to quickly move around the island and even escape a deadly attack in seconds.


Quarry is a quarry that is full of stones, has several cranes and containers, since it is an area full of industrial artifacts, it is easy to find equipment.

But remember to be careful because these points are usually very popular, so you have to be quick.

ski lodge

It’s a huge building, there used to be a ski slope inside, you can equip it very well, but be careful, because you will be in a closed place and you can suffer a sudden attack.

The idea of ​​this place is to quickly grab the items, go outside and look for a car to get away from the area which is in an open field.

RV park

This caravan park, located at the top of the island, is a good place to gear up, it also has many facilities where you can hide, plan your attack and execute it.

There you have to be careful of the hills that surround you so that you are not surprised by an attack from above.


This is a mansion that is located right in the center of the lake, the mini island is quite popular and attractive, but in order to participate, you would have to be the first to arrive and leave quickly so that you can be the first to get loot and on in return not to be the prey of the enemy.

If you decide to land there you should be ready for a battle, if you notice other players have landed earlier, the best thing you can do is move to another location on the map, the advantage is that you can do it on zip lines or bridges, because water can slow you down a lot.


This is a small town located in the entire center of the island, since it contains houses, loot is easy to find, you need to keep an eye on the windows and balconies to avoid snipers.

This is a place that has many escape alternatives, so it’s one of the best to equip yourself without getting locked in by an enemy attack.

Free Fire Purgatory Map


This is the capital city of the island, the city with many buildings is quite popular in the game and is chosen by many to land and equip, but undoubtedly you will always find confrontations there.

Its large number of objects is interesting, but once you arrive, you need to learn to know the best attack and defense points so as not to be surprised by unpleasant surprises.

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