ᐈ How to change name between us ❤️ 2022

This game is really popular in recent months because the entire gaming community in the world is talking about it and all the features it has.

Among them, the name of our character is very important, the names we give ourselves in the game normally reflect our tastes, ways of playing, hobbies, nicknames, etc.

And seeing our character in our favorite game with a name that inspires, remembers or identifies us is priceless.

That’s why Between Us allows you to name your character whatever you want, remember that it’s always important to be original and innovative, to say or reflect something about you.

If at the beginning of the game you didn’t really know how it all was and only entered your name, but now you want to change it to something more unique, just follow a few simple steps.

Change your name in Between Us

Once you enter the game from a computer or mobile device:

  1. Go to the ‘online’ section
  2. You will see the first big box that turns green when you hover over ‘hosting’
  3. This field is the one that allows you to edit your name, just click and type the new name you want and that’s it.
How to change your name in Between Us

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