ᐈ How to get Colt In Brawl Stars ❤️ 2022

Talk about the latest big hit super cell It’s honestly impossible without visualizing this character, he was one of the first Brawlers added to the game and became his image. This time we’ll explain how to get Colt in Brawl Stars.

Who is Colt from Brawl Stars?

the colt is a an ordinary brawler whose image represents the typical heroic sheriff of the old west.

Yippee Brawler shooter. He has very low health, which he rewards with high damage output and long range.

His main attack consists of creating a large number of shots that are capable of destroying obstacles.

how to get it?

Along with Nita, Colt is one of the first Brawlers you unlock in it trophy trailand it doesn’t matter how many boxes you have to unlock.

Just like other Brawlers Bull, Bo Y Dynamics, foal unlocks with trophies, but unlike all of them you only need 60 trophies to make it among your available characters.

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Get cups in Brawl Stars

Colt Brawl Stars Quizzes

Some Colt curiosities are:

  • He is the second brawler to win the trophies.
  • It appears to be family Pam for his hair color, although no official announcements have been made about it.
  • With his first Star Power, he becomes one of the fastest brawlers.
  • With his second Star Power, he has almost the same range as Penny Y Piper.

That is all! We hope this helped you a lot to get Colt in Brawl Stars.

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