ᐈ How to play Nita in Brawl Stars ❤️ 2022

No one can doubt that playing with Nita in Brawl Stars is extremely fun. His bear is an enemy killing machine.

So this time we bring you some little tricks to help you use Nita better than ever.

Who is Nita in Brawl Stars?

Nita is a an ordinary brawler with a somewhat wild attitude who dresses in bearskins.

Yippee Brawler fighter. Has medium health and medium damage, able to damage the enemy without having to get close.

His main attacks consist of creating a medium-range seismic wave that deals damage to all enemies in the area.

And summon a bear that also has very high health and attacks nearby enemies with fast and wild attacks that deal a lot of damage.

Rivets ability

Nita is in charge of creating a small seismic wave that deals damage to all enemies within docking range, dealing equal damage at the start and end of the wave.

Super: Bear Hug

As Nita charges her Super, she throws her pet into the field. Nita will be in charge of summoning a large bear spirit who will be in charge of chasing all of Nita’s enemies around the field.

Nita has two more star power:

Bear brother

Whenever Nita deals damage to a brawler and the bear is summoned, she receives 500 health for each hit Nita takes. While when the bear attacks Nita, it will recover 600 health for each attack.

A quick swipe

Nita the bear goes crazy and starts attacking her enemies faster and more uncontrollably. Nita Bear’s attack speed is increased by 60%.

Finally, we have Nita’s contraption called Bear Claws. Once Nita activates her gadget, the bear goes crazy and falls to the ground, stunning all nearby enemies.

Tips for playing with Nita in Brawl Stars

  • Nita’s attack can hit multiple enemies in a medium range area. You can use this to take out multiple enemies at once so your team can finish them off.
  • Nita’s Super can be thrown over walls, so it can be useful for fighting enemies hiding behind walls.
  • The bear summoned by Nita’s Super has very high health, so this ability can be used as a kind of shield.
  • Bear can also distract your enemies, protect Nita and give her a chance to deal her own damage.
  • The bear he summons spots the brawler hiding in the bushes and starts chasing him.
  • Use the bear to increase aggressive pressure on the Gem Grabber as it can allow your team to take control of the mine.


We hope these tips for playing with Nita in Brawl Stars are useful for you.

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