ᐈ How to play Piper in Brawl Stars ❤️ 2022

Playing Piper in Brawl Stars is one of the best decisions you can make. She was always among the top characters.

This article is full of tips to help you achieve victory. Stick around and continue reading more about Piper.

How to get Piper in Brawl Stars?

Being a super special rare character, it can be obtained in Big Boxes and Mega Boxes. If you don’t know which they are and want more information about the boxes, we have the perfect article for you.

The chances of you being able to get Piper into the boxes are low, but it’s worth investing gems into the boxes as they have different rewards inside.

If you want to know how to get more boxes and have a better chance to unlock this amazing Brawler, we leave you a link to the definitive guide on how to get free boxes in Brawl Stars.

Box rewards in Brawl Stars

  • Coins and Power Points: 97%
  • Brawler Special: 2.6784%
  • Super special: 1.2096%
  • Epic: 0.5472%
  • Mythical: 0.2496%
  • Legendary: 0.1152%
  • Chromatic: 0.1152%
  • Gadgets: 2.0688%
  • Star Ability: 1%

Piper’s abilities in Brawl Stars

While using GunbrellaPiper fires a bullet from her umbrella that moves very fast.

Dealing 453 (level 1) damage from a minimum point and 1520 (level 1) from a maximum point.

The further the bullet travels, the more damage it does, making Piper less effective in close combat. Piper’s attack has a very slow recharge.

Super: Poppin

When super, Piper jumps into the air and throws 4 grenades below her that deal heavy damage to enemies near them when they explode.

While in the air, Piper is completely immune to all damage except Damage Over Time.

Grenades could be used to cancel supers and knock down brawlers.

Piper’s star powers

Let’s continue his stellar abilities.


When Piper is hidden inside a bush, her main attack takes an additional 800 damage, making her devastating shots even more deadly, dealing 2928 damage at maximum range.

The bullet also gains a rainbow trail that replaces the standard rings. Also, if Piper is hiding in the bushes, her ammo bar shows yellow instead of the usual orange.

The gunshot sound is also changed, with the layered sound of his normal gunshots placed over it.

Hit and win

When Piper hits an enemy, it quickly recharges 0.3 ammo, increasing its reload speed.

For example, if Piper hits Nita the bear, she will also recharge quickly.

Piper’s tricks in Brawl Stars

Finally, two great tweaks that make Piper one of the most used characters in the franchise.

Own shot

Piper fires a defensive shot that knocks the enemy back, deals 100 damage and slows them, which helps defend if someone is close, and since Piper deals good damage when she’s far away from the opponent, she can deal maximum damage by throwing her.

secret trick

Piper’s next attack will target the enemy, this is just a modification of Piper’s attack, it helps her damage an enemy hiding behind a wall or damage an enemy she has hidden.

Gadget Piper Brawl Stars

Tips for playing with Piper in Brawl Stars

  • An excellent strategy to use with Piper is to use her Super to destroy enemy cover to open up the map.
  • He is a player with an open map. The range of your shot is better used.
  • Piper’s Super can be used to shape the map in your favor and destroy walls that opponents are hiding behind.
  • It is better if it is kept under cover.
  • His attacks deal more damage the further away he is from the target. Therefore, stay as far away as possible and avoid medium or close range confrontations.
  • He’s not a face-to-face character, so the super is perfect for running away from dangerous situations.
  • You don’t play rough with Piper. It is best when aiming and shooting at a specific target.

That is all! We hope these tips for playing with Piper in Brawl Stars are useful.

In addition, if you need gems to buy boxes, we will tell you all the ways to get gems!for free and without using hacks!

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