ᐈ How to play with Sprout In Brawl Stars ❤️ 2022

Who wouldn’t want to play with Sprout in Brawl Stars? It’s extremely simple, fun, and its health regeneration ability is one of the best

That’s why we bring you this article full of tips to help you achieve victory. Stick around and continue reading more about Sprout.

How to get Sprout in Brawl Stars?

Being a mythic rare character, it can be obtained in Big Boxes and Mega Boxes. If you don’t know which they are and want more information about the boxes, we have the perfect article for you.

The odds of getting a Sprout in boxes are even lower than Epic Brawlers like Bea and Piper, but it’s worth investing gems in the boxes because they have different rewards inside.

If you want to know how to get more boxes and have a better chance to unlock this fantastic Brawler, we leave you a link to the definitive guide on how to get free boxes in Brawl Stars.

Box rewards in Brawl Stars

  • Coins and Power Points: 97%
  • Brawler Special: 2.6784%
  • Super special: 1.2096%
  • Epic: 0.5472%
  • Mythical: 0.2496%
  • Legendary: 0.1152%
  • Chromatic: 0.1152%
  • Gadgets: 2.0688%
  • Star Ability: 1%

Sprout’s abilities in Brawl Stars

With basic attack Seed bombsSprout releases a ball of seed that explodes on contact.

If it doesn’t hit a target, it explodes after bouncing a few times.

Super: Plant Barrier

Sprout will summon a vine that will block the passage of all characters and attacks that try to cross it.

Sprout’s star abilities in Brawl Stars

Now we go with the stellar abilities of this cute robotic plant.


Every 5 seconds, another seed bomb will detonate in a larger radius.


Sprout activates a shield that partially protects him from attacks in the bushes

Gadget Sprout in Brawl Stars

Finally, we present the Sprout gadget.

plant fertilizer

By using the gadget, Sprout will be able to regain 2000 health by consuming grass from the battlefield.

Gadget Sprout

Tips for playing with Sprout in Brawl Stars

  • Don’t worry if you don’t hit the basic brawlers you will be able to deal damage when the seed explodes.
  • Your seed can travel further if it doesn’t hit the target.
  • His range is not very long, be careful when shooting if you want to hit brawlers.
  • Plant barrier This is very useful in Showdown/Duo Showdown matches to trap brawlers for poison gas.
  • Don’t worry if you miss your basic, his burst will still allow you to charge up a Super.
  • His Super can cover 17 cells in the game if used correctly with other items in the game.
  • His gadget allows him to heal himself in battle.

That is all! We hope you find these tips useful for playing with Sprout in Brawl Stars.

In addition, if you need gems to buy boxes, we will tell you all the ways to get gems!for free and without using hacks!

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