ᐈ How to update between us ❤️ 2022

The popular game has become a trend in recent days, although unfortunately its developers had many problems with the server due to the large number of users using the platform.

As a result of all these troubles, they decided to make new versions of the game, with these updates it is hoped that the problems will be solved and people who want can have fun with their friends.


What does the new version of the game contain?

This is an update that was released to improve the gaming experience for users, it is version 9.1, in which we find the following changes:

  • Added server division
  • The ‘start’ button is now in the lower right corner
  • You can choose the region and server where you want to play.
  • It won’t have as much publicity
  • It will bring all the latest skins

Update on PC

To update your game for free on PC, you must:

  1. Enter a trusted website to find a link to the latest version
  2. If this file is downloaded compressed, you must have winrar or winzip to extract the folder.
  3. Inside the files folder you should find the application installer, run it and that’s it.

update on mobile

This update is even easier because the game is in the official mobile stores.

  1. Enter Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) as needed.
  2. Place the game name ‘Between Us’
  3. Press the ‘update’ button
  4. Wait for it to finish and you are done.
How to update Between Us

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