ᐈ How to use Colt in Brawl Stars ❤️ 2022

There are many players who consider him as one of the worst Brawlers, but we will give you valuable tips to help you use Colt in Brawl Stars like a pro.

That at least while you get a Brawler that you might like better because in our list of levelsColt is quite below the rest of the characters.

So let’s start by describing its abilities and gadgets so you know exactly what it does.

Colt Brawl Stars Abilities

Colt has two pistols. When aiming, the Colt can fire bursts from both weapons, dealing damage to enemies in its path.

Super: Bullet Storm

Colt fires a group of special projectiles, larger and with longer range. You are able to destroy obstacles and deal damage to enemies behind them.

Colt has two more star power:

slippery shoes

When Colt activates this star power, will speed up by 10%.. Said increased movement speed will allow him to escape from situations where he seemed trapped or outnumbered.

Special Magnum

Colt’s attack range increases by one extra tile. Additionally, Colt’s attack will be much faster than before, allowing him to reach the enemy in much less time.

Colt Gadget in Brawl Stars

Finally a Colt gadget, the Quick Loader. When activated, it automatically charges two ammo from its basic attack, but cannot be used while full of ammo.

It can be used 3 times per game.

Colt gadgets

Strategy for using Colt in Brawl Stars

We’ve said this on other occasions, but it’s vital to keep your distance from your opponents.

Colt specializes in ranged shots, so being close to the enemy, given his low health, is stupid, a direct pass to defeat.

This can take a lot of practice, but the key is to try to anticipate enemies’ movements.

The bad thing about Super is that it does good damage, all bullets must hit the targetso you have to know where your opponent will go.

The recharge time it has is very fast, so it can be a big advantage over other similar Brawlers Brockwhich has a much slower charging time.

Super can destroy enemy cover. This will make it easier for the rest of the team to move around and do the dirty work.

He is a suitable character to use in very open maps such as famine either feastwhere one can effectively gain control and defeat many fighters with their abilities.

while playing in Settlement, it is recommended to use the Super to remove the cover of the opponents and start shooting quickly. This is an action that is likely to surprise opponents.


We hope these tips for using Colt in Brawl Stars are helpful. If you need extra gems to balance it out, we say ways to get gems Ahfor free and without using hacks!

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