ᐈ How to use Evelyn from League Of Legends Wild Rift ❤️ 2022

On the battlefield, the sadistic lol wild rift demon can surprise you with unique attacks.

Some of them have really important runes and equipment to kill all enemies. This is achieved by knowing how to use the champion properly.

Runes for Evelyn

The best runes for Evelyn include:

  • Electrocute: This is a rune that allows you to take advantage of Evelyn’s gank by dealing high damage in a short amount of time and easily finishing off the enemy target.
  • Triumph: Use Triumph of Dominance to gain different defensive alternatives with more freedom to attack under the tower.
  • Hunter, Titan: The value of this rune will make it difficult for enemies to stop your attacks.
  • Rifleman: With inspiration, this rune will speed up your character’s attack.

Equipment and items for Evelyn

The most important items you can add to your character are:

  1. infinite sphere
  2. lich mine
  3. Boots Enchantment – Proto Belt
  4. Empty staff
  5. Rabadon Deathcap

Tips for using Evelyn

  1. Be sure to use Evelyn’s ambush ability as she often emerges from the shadows.
  2. Remember that this champion’s invisibility after 5 is greater than her strength, this will help you strike a lot of fear into your enemies.
  3. If you only have one hit left and you are far away from your opponent, use your ultimate to reach them and attack properly.

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