ᐈ How to use Ezreal from League Of Legends Wild Rift ❤️ 2022

Lol wild rift explorer champion will make a difference on the battlefield if you use it wisely.

Add the right runes and items and follow Ezreal’s manipulation tips to be the center of the game.

Runes for Ezreal

The best runes for Ezreal and his attacks are:

  • Kleptomania: Gives you the effect of activateable goals during the game without much effort.
  • A Storm Is Gathering – Allows Ezreal to become a threat in the mid-late game when game-defining teamfights are in store.
  • Allegiance: In green, this rune gives Ezreal and your support allies a defensive bonus that maintains lane phases.
  • Mana band: this extra mana will be a big help when using spells.

Equipment and items for Ezreal

The most important items for Ezreal and his success on the battlefield are:

  1. dance of death
  2. trinity power
  3. Manamune
  4. a deadly reminder
  5. Enchant Boots – Quicksilver Sash

Tips for using Ezreal

  1. This champion is one of the few ADCs that casts spells, be sure to use this quality to pressure your enemies with mystic shots.
  2. Ezreal’s ult animation is long, so it’s best to cast it in the middle of fog or bushes, so your opponent won’t be able to dodge the attack.

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