ᐈ How to use Nasus from League Of Legends Wil Rift ❤️ 2022

This guardian lol wild rift sands can help you master the wild rift if you use it wisely.

Find out what the best runes and builds are for Nasus and get the most out of this champion.

Runes for Nasus

These are the best runes you can use for Nasus from lol wild rift

  • Claws of the Immortal: This rune allows you to optimize lategame to favor short trades on your topplane.
  • Storm is Coming: In red, this rune makes you dangerous after reaching the threshold for 10 minutes.
  • Ghost Guardian: this allows you to resist the slow that the enemy casts, so you don’t have to run after enemies.
  • Mastermind – Speeds up scaling and ranks in a solo lane that will avoid teamfights by sinking turrets.

Equipment for Nasus

The most useful starting item to use on Nasus is the Void Cloak, other items and equipment for the champion include:

  1. trinity power
  2. spiritual face
  3. Thornmail
  4. squeegee gauge
  5. dead man’s breastplate

Tips for Nasus

  1. This is a character that will take a while to get into place, so it’s important to use the best runes to improve this weakness.
  2. You can restart auto attack with soul eater.
  3. This is the most vulnerable top laner champion in the game

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