ᐈ Jetly Fortnite Settings ❤️ 2022

When we talk about jetla fortnite settings we are talking more about improving the game for some users.

A feature that many players would undoubtedly like to have in this title in order to fully enjoy it.

For this reason, we will tell you what this configuration consists of and how to do it correctly.

jetla fortnite settings

This is a configuration that users will have to do manually, but it will bring them many advantages in the game.

For this, it will be enough to take into account the following specific information:

  1. Sets the screen resolution with the following characteristics: 1920 x 1080.
  2. We’ll set the framerate limits to 240.
  3. We leave the color blind mode off.
  4. We leave the computer quality preferences at a low level.
  5. The distance we specify is “close”.

jetla fortnite mouse settings

  1. X-axis sensitivity is set at 8%. Y-axis sensitivity remains the same as X-axis at 8%.
  2. The orientation sensitivity of the mouse will be set to 50%.
  3. Mouse aim sensitivity by 50%.
  4. DPI will be set to 800.

jetla fortnite keyboard settings

The vast majority of professional gamers use a dedicated gaming keyboard. Where they have the ability to quickly switch users, these keyboards are 3.6 mm deep.

  1. Let’s assign 1 key to the Harvest Tool.
  2. Various weapon slots with 1-5, 2, 3, 4, Z, X keys.
  3. We will use the left mouse button for the wall.
  4. We will configure the floor in C or M.
  5. We are going to configure the right-click ramp.

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