ᐈ Precision Rifles Free Fire ❤️ 2022

These are rifles for carrying out sniper attacks, the idea of ​​which is the ability to kill your enemies at long distances.

They generally include telescoping sights, whenever you want to use them, be sure to strategically place yourself on the map so your opponents won’t spot you easily.

Try to use range to kill and you will be able to complete different kills in the game.


It is a semi-automatic rifle with 54 damage, it is not very lethal, it is known as an SMG for the type of ammunition it uses.

It has a range of 82, a suppressor and its accuracy of 73, it also has its own scope and a rate of fire of 48.

It has an ammo of 15 rounds and a reload speed of 55, this weapon can be used at long and medium range.


This weapon has its own range which is excellent, dealing 90 damage.

Range 84 with an accuracy of 90 is usually not very useful for newcomers to the game.

It has 5 ammo with no access to the implementation of another magazine, but if we can add a better aimer, with a rate of fire of 27 and a charge rate of 27.

Free Fire precision rifles


This weapon deals 90 points of damage, although it is not lethal, it can greatly weaken the enemy.

You usually get it more often in the blue zone of the map, with 90 in accuracy as well, this is a rifle used as a sniper and 85 range.

Free Fire precision rifles

It has a rate of fire of 27, holds 8 rounds that are allowed to add a silencer, and a reload speed of 41.

With it you can overcome walls of ice and cause great damage to vehicles.


This rifle is semi-automatic, deals 82 damage, but is usually inaccurate, having a range of 82 with an accuracy of 73.

It has an ammo of 10 AR rounds, a rate of fire of 35. A reload rate of 41 and includes a telescopic sight.

Free Fire precision rifles

It may come with some additional accessories such as shaft, muzzle and charger.


This is one of the deadliest weapons in Free Fire, dealing 90 damage with 91 range and 90 accuracy, loaded with 5 rounds of ammo.

Its rate of fire is 27, it has a shutter system that separates you from the scope after each shot.

With a charge speed of 34, it allows you to eliminate opponents from long distances.

Free Fire precision rifles


This weapon is quite powerful, dealing 89 damage, 4X range with 80 range, 51 accuracy, making it deadly.

It holds 10 rounds, this weapon is semi-automatic with a rate of fire of 35, a reload rate of 41, this can only be found at supply points.

Free Fire precision rifles

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