ᐈ Roblox Builders Club Membership ❤️ 2023

Builders club (BC) was a roblox membership, this had to be purchased in exchange for certain privileges the game gave you.

It is currently discontinued because now there is a roblox premium.

What benefits did roblox builder club provide?

This membership gave its members the ability to have privileges that other players did not have, such as:

  • Greater customization of avatars
  • roblox daily overview
  • Making shirts and trousers (which not everyone could do at the time)
  • I got another bonus when I bought robux

Roblox Builders Membership Types

As memberships continued to grow, users could choose which one to buy as there were 3 different types of membership builders:

  1. builders club
  2. pipe builders club
  3. outrageous builders club

Where to buy roblox builders club membership?

Builder club membership can be obtained through roblox cards, but can also be purchased from stores such as:

  • gameStop
  • Best buy
  • Walmart
  • EB Games

In May 2019, some features of the builders club began to be removed, and in August 2019, the gaming company launched its new Roblox premium program.

Already on September 23, 2019, the builder club was completely replaced by Roblox premium, while maintaining the subscription period for users who earned BC.

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