ᐈ The floor is lava in Roblox ❤️ 2023

The floor is lava is a wheel-based survival-comedy mini game developed by Obby roleplay in May 2017 and has gained great fame.

Currently, the lava floor has more than 7,250,000 hits and you can play with your friends and family for super fun and entertainment.

The ground game is roblox lava

It is a strategic and agile game where players initially appear in a glass box.

Once the game begins, players must survive the lava by progressing between randomly selected maps.

Each round, players will have a total of 10 seconds to climb high surfaces before lava appears on the map.

The time intervals of each round have a duration of 20 seconds.

Floor worlds is lava from roblox

This minigame has several worlds where participants must try to survive, the game itself randomly decides which worlds to send the player to; among them are:

  1. bubble world
  2. pyramids
  3. race to the top
  4. strings
  5. Tree top

Each map has a different theme and difficulty to test the skills of its participants, remember that if the lava manages to reach you, you die and lose the game immediately.

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