ᐈ Tricks to win In Stumble Guys ❤️ 2022

Stumble Guys is a battle royale game developed by Kitka Games, in which many players face each other in tests of speed, memory, obstacles that leave us thinking many times how to get out of various swamps. However, there are some tricks you can use to win and here at Goluego.Es we will tell you about them in a short post.

Best Stumble Guys Cheats

Some of the best tricks to win at Stumble Guys include:

jump on heads

The trick is to see the right moment to jump on other players’ heads. This way you will have the advantage of arriving at your destination before them.

Long jump

Make long jump the most important thing to reach your goal faster. Here’s how you should do it:

You have to jump in the direction of your goal and once you are high in the air, press the button that says “jump” again to get another boost to reach the next goal.

Configure the controls

To adjust the configuration of the controls, you need to go to the game settings and then in the control option, you need to click on the customization menu. Once you are in the customization section, you need to choose the correct size and position of each button.

Other popular tricks: Shoot and dodge, Sneak into Rival’s Base, Puch and Iron (when an obstacle randomly hits you and lifts you up, you have to use it before you fall to click extra and push in the right direction to reach the meta), customize your Stumble Guy, learn the quiz keyboard shortcuts.

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