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10 Actors Who Have Been In Horror Movies But Didn’t Like The Genre The / Unbelievable

There are people who just love horror movies. And we are talking about both fans and directors and actors specializing in this genre. Some actors do so well in these films that they keep coming back for another one. However, working in horror films does not mean that they enjoy it so much. To show that, we’ve made a list of actors who were true icons in their horror films, but prefer lighter films at home on a Saturday night, including bonus very Brazilian!

1. Emily Blunt

Who has seen Emily Blunt rock horror movies Quiet place 1 and two, along with terrifying monsters, you can even imagine that she loves this genre. But it’s just the opposite. In an interview, the actress revealed that she cannot watch a movie that even has a scary scene. During her career, she never even imagined that one day she would work in a film of this genre, until A quiet place appears and she decides to rise to the challenge.

2. John Krasinski

John Krasinski directed and starred in both films in the franchise alongside his wife, Emily Blunt. But, like his companion, he is not a fan of horror movies. “I’ve never been a horror person because I’ve always been very scared,” he said in an interview. When the producers A quiet place When offered the film, the actor replied: “I don’t know, I’m kind of a scaredy cat, but if it’s a cool idea, maybe.” In the end, he liked the idea so much that he even convinced his wife to participate.

3. Christopher Lee

The late Christopher Lee made several horror classics, bringing iconic characters like Count Dracula, The Mummy and Frankenstein to life in the 1950s and 1970s, according to the amount of overt violence on screen. “I find what they’re doing pretty disgusting,” he said, adding his take on what makes an effective horror film: “What you don’t see is a lot scarier than what you see.”

4. Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis made her acting debut in the film Halloween, and has been in the franchise for over 40 years. With so many horror films under his belt, it’s no wonder he despises the genre. Jamie explained that he gets scared very easily. “I don’t like horror movies,” she said, “not even cartoons Aladdin you scare me. I’m not kidding! You know when Jafar turns into a snake? With the red eyes and stuff? That scared me!”

But the actress believes that her success in the franchise happened precisely because she was so afraid. “I hate those movies, I don’t like being scared,” she explains. “So it’s a natural talent—that real emotional connection to fear.” So for her, the fear that we see her character appear on screen is true.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Those closest to Jennifer Lawrence may have been ecstatic when the actress was cast in the horror film. The last house on the street in 2012. “She hates living alone,” said one such person. “She’s so afraid of ghosts that she won’t even look in the mirror for fear of seeing someone behind her.” Still, the actress had the guts to live alone in Los Angeles, away from her family, as it would benefit her career. And to boot, he starred in a horror film.

With so much fear, we can imagine that she avoids watching these movies. “In real life, I’m terrified of horror movies. If I want to watch one, I have to plan the next three months of my life because I know I’ll be afraid of everything – afraid of the dark, afraid of elevators, afraid of my shadow. Yet brave Jennifer is involved in yet another horror, mom!in 2017

6. Toni Collette

Toni Collette’s first horror film was in 1999. The sixth sense. In the following years, she starred in other films of the genre until she reached Hereditaryfrom 2018. During an interview for the promotion of this film, the journalist commented on the references to another horror film, The enlightened oneand to his surprise he heard the actress say that she had not seen the film.

“I don’t like horror movies,” Toni Collette told an interviewer, “I get too paralyzed to watch horror movies.” She added that years ago she bought a DVD from The enlightened one, but that it is stored, still in the package, I am so afraid to look at it. The journalist then asked if it was okay to be in so many horror movies. “I’m looking for challenging work,” replied Tony, “complex, dense and unusual stories.”

7. George Clooney

If we ask people to name a horror movie with George Clooney, it might not be remembered. This is because the actor was only in two, right at the beginning of his career: A drink in hell and (don’t laugh) The return of the killer tomatoes. After them, the actor never returned to horror acting, which shows us how much he does not like this type of films. But if he really didn’t like it, why did he make these two in the first place?

The answer is actually quite simple. Before he found success in the series Duty doctor, George Clooney went through perrengues to find his way in Hollywood. So he took every job he was offered just to pay the bills. He himself said: “As an actor, all requirements fall away if you need money. That’s why I made really bad movies when I was broke.”

8. John Lithgow

The biggest horror fans should recognize this name as John Lithgow was in it Cain syndrome and The damned graveyard, two classic horror films. However, there is one subgenre of horror that the actor refuses to engage with, the blood. These are such graphic films that some consider them too disgusting. He was invited to participate The fly, another great classic. John said: “I told my agent I just didn’t want to play something so grotesque.”

9. Jeremy Irons

Like John Lithgow, Jeremy Irons is a movie star and has starred in scary classics like Twins – Ill Similarity and empire of dreams, both also with famous directors. However, he turned down what could have been the biggest role of his life, that of Hannibal Lecter, in the film The silence of the Lambs. Of course, the role eventually went to the equally excellent Anthony Hopkins, but why did Jeremy turn it down?

It turns out that the actor even likes movies that are slightly scary and even weird, but he prefers to stay away from those that are too creepy. For him, quality movies should feature deeper characters, with moral ambiguity, and horror movie villains certainly don’t have that characteristic.

10. Daniel Kaluuya

Daniel Kaluuya became famous for his role in the horror film Run!, even being nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for the role. He did so well in the genre that many do not even guess that he does not like watching horror movies very much. He explained that when he watches these movies, he can’t fully immerse himself in the plot because he keeps reminding himself that it’s all fiction.

Incidentally, when Daniel auditioned for the film Run!, director Jordan Peele sent him a list of several horror films. It was a kind of homework, the actor had to see them as a form of research, to perfect his work. Since you already know that Daniel doesn’t like this type of movies, you can imagine how difficult it was to handle this task, right? Know that he simply hasn’t seen any of the movies on the list.

Bonus: Camila Botello

Brazil also has its share of horror productions and one of them is the series soulless. One of the main characters in the creepy story is Melissa, played by Camila Botello. The actress admitted, laughing, that she was scared to death of this type of film. “I’m very sensitive to imagery and watching horror scenes is something that really shakes me up,” she explains. “I keep this in my memory and have many nightmares.” Still, she claims she loves being part of the cast.

It’s good to know that even horror actors are scared of these movies and so are many of us. And you, are you the team that runs to the cinema with every new horror release or the team that runs away from them?

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