10 Amazing Phrases to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Happy women, today everyone !!!! And nIn this special celebration, we bring you 10 quotes of amazing women in history.

How to choose one and be inspired by it. They are artists, intellectuals and politicians who inspired attitudes and reflections.

So you too can be inspired by them all. Learn now the thinking of these amazing women and you will be surprised.

10 expressions about women

  • No woman is born. Is becoming.

One of the most famous expressions of the great Simone de Beauvoir. Coming out of the book The Second Sex, Simone’s phrase was known to reflect on the construction of women’s characteristics.

  • A woman’s destiny is to be a woman.

Clarice, take it easy. Lispector’s famous quote is one of those phrases that hits us and makes us reflect for hours, isn’t it?

  • My daily struggle must be recognized as an object, to impose my existence on a society that insists on ignoring it.

A scream against the pressure. Thus, we can define the expression of Djamila Ribeiro, philosopher, black feminist, writer and Brazilian scholar. Women’s struggle for women’s recognition is a daily one.

  • There is no limit to what we as women can achieve.

Michelle Obama, lawyer and former first lady of the USA. One of the most powerful women in the world has some advice. Yes, we can!

  • I think the woman at the end of the world is someone who searches, who screams, who claims who always stands. After all, I am this woman

We’re still not over the death of Elsa Soares, are we? A reference to Brazilian music that was killed in 2022, to beautiful songs, immortalized talent, but also to life lessons that will be forever in our memories.

  • When a black woman moves, the entire fabric of society moves with her.

Angela Davis, writer and former Black Panther, invites you to move beyond what society says by telling you not to be where you are.

  • Respecting ourselves, loving our bodies is a step forward in maintaining a healthy self.

Bell Hooks is a writer, anti-government activist, feminist and American teacher. Back hooks call attention to society’s insistence on revealing the female body.

  • I am my only muse, I know the subject best.

Frida Kahlo present! The Mexican artist, theorist and feminist is one of the most famous women in the world.

  • Feminism is the radical understanding that women are human

What a class, huh? Opening the classification We have a quote from researcher and teacher Cheris Kramare. Generally reduced and treated as fragile, Cheris’ expression calls for respect and an end to the oppression of women.

  • If we want to give all women, not just a few special people, a place in power structures, we need to think harder about how we think.

What a blow. The expression of Mary’s beard, the English historian, is a slap in the face invitation to reflect on the structural machinery of our society.

Frida Khalo, many women inspire other women around the world. Photo, reproduction.

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