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10 Basic Tricks to Look Good An Image Consultant Shares With Us / Amazing

Looking good is more than the clothes you wear. Sometimes you need a little help to get the most out of it and get the most out of it. We asked Nydia Álvarez, image consultant and founder of Pízca Consultoría, about the best tips she could give us to create the perfect look. and walk like a catwalk.

1. Dress according to your body type

There are seven different body types that can be classified by identifying the body part with the most visual weight. Once the body type is identified, a flattering appearance can be created. Nydia comments on this: “I always say: ‘Fashion, what suits you.’ I am a fan of grandmothers sayings because I think they are very true. Just because ‘everyone’ wears a certain outfit doesn’t mean it looks good on you.”

Also, for example, you should remember that when a person is short and wants to look a little taller, it is important to take care of the cuts of the clothes: use your size: not too big and not too small – and avoid cuts oversized.

2. Don’t follow trends “just because”

Everyone has to know their style and evaluate which trends they could use and what not. Some work very well for some people, but others they may not prefer.

Nydia says we should avoid following trends for the sake of following; it would be best to stick to the ones that suit your body type and even your own style.

3. Define your own style

Everyone has their own style, but magazines, social networks and other media can confuse us and make it difficult to find a style we identify with. Nydia explained to us that there are seven universal styles:

  • Natural;
  • Traditional/Classic;
  • Elegant;
  • Romantic;
  • Seductive;
  • Creative;
  • Dramatic.

You can probably fit one or two of these, because we can even combine styles. A good tip to give your look an individual look and personality is to pay attention to accessories such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair, bags and even shoes. Nydia comments: “The details of any look make a difference; always try to feel good because it’s noticeable when you’re not comfortable and the clothes it looks uncomfortable.

4. Dress comfortably without losing elegance

A valuable piece of advice is to invest in a blazer. It can make you look stylish without sacrificing comfort and is a great option if you want to enhance your look. Other accessories that would have a similar effect are in keeping with the style thick, but they are always of good quality.

When it comes to accessories, we must never forget them. Nydia comments on this: “I am the number one fan of bags, everything is a matter of taste, style and personality, so it is always important for me to invest in a high-quality bag”. She believes that a good bag is essential to enhance the look. If you don’t have a blazer, you can simply tuck a blouse or shirt into the pants. This simple trick will make your look more stylish in seconds, add some not too casual shoes and voila!

5. Don’t forget basic clothes

It is ideal that the clothes match each other and basic clothes fulfill this function. They allow you to create many looks. We must remember to choose them according to our style and body. Nydia shared six basic degrees that everyone should have in their wardrobe.

  • White and black T-shirts;
  • Ripped jeans;
  • Tailored trousers;
  • More stripped jacket, style cyclist;
  • White shirt;
  • White sneakers.

6. Pay attention to the color of the clothes

The color of the outfit can be more important than you think. And Nydia confirms this when she explains: “Colors are especially important to us show; a very easy example is dark colors and light colors. Depending on our body type, there are areas that are visually wider and others that are thinner. Color plays a big role, so use dark colors where you want them to look smaller and light colors where you want them to look bigger.”

7. Wear clean shoes

Footwear should always be spotless, and by ‘spotless’ he means clean and in good shape. It doesn’t matter if they are from an expensive well-known brand: if they are not in perfect condition and clean, the appearance will not stand out.

8. Hair care

Image is not just the clothes we wear. Nydia mentions that hair is an important part of harmony with the face. As an image consultant, he is the first to analyze the type of face and measure it to identify which of the three segments is shorter, which is wider and which are proportional.

Colorimetry is also crucial because hair color – whether dark or lighter – allows you to highlight or hide features, illuminate the face and create a look. effect. Once the diagnoses have been made, recommendations are made regarding the length, cut types and colors that suit the client best.

9. Pack stylishly for travel

Yes, you can travel with a small suitcase without compromising on style! The first thing is to check the climate of the destination. it depends on the type of appearance. It is also important to plan the day’s clothes according to the activity and wear comfortable shoes. The good thing is that according to him, it is fashionable to wear more comfortable sneakers and more “sophisticated” clothes.

So if you don’t want to spend extra money on baggage delivery and prefer to only take hand luggage, it’s best to bring basic clothes that can be combined into versatile sets. Black and white colors are ideal for this and preferably articles that do not take up much space.

10. Conquer the look million (for men)

Nydia mentions that the influence of personal style also applies to men. No matter what it is, footwear must always be spotless and clean. As long as it’s neat and focused, the look is fine. Nydia also gives advice on a detail that many may not pay attention to: “Iron your shirt.”

Tip: visit an image consultant

An image consultant is one who accompanies a person in the self-discovery process to understand their style, body type, face type and colorimetry, just to name a few examples.

Having this knowledge is very important so that you have articles that make you feel good and not just follow trends. On this Nydia said: “I think we should all have a consultation at least once in our lives, there doesn’t have to be a ‘problem’ to be concerned about your own image.

What’s the most radical image change you’ve ever made? What do you think is most important when dressing to look good without losing your personality?

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