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10 Best Picture Oscar Winners You Can Watch on Netflix

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It is not surprising that the Oscar is the most important film award. It is also the oldest and most televised. Its first edition took place in 1929 and lasted only 15 minutes. Anyone who spent $5 could attend. Now, with an extremely select guest list, the ceremony limits the number of celebrity guests as well. Each year, 24 statues are awarded in recognition of the best film production of the year. But, the most anticipated award is always the Oscar for the best film. Feature film winners in this category have generally already won other awards at smaller festivals and combine all the aspects admired by the Academy: technical quality, good performances, an inspiring story and a powerful message. For cinephiles, Bulla has rounded up a list of ten Oscar winners, 7 for Best Picture and 3 for Best International Film available on Netflix. Titles are organized by year of release and do not follow any classification criteria.

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