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10 Brazilian Actors Who Bitterly Regretted Accepting The Role / Unbelievable

When an actor accepts a role, his life revolves around this character. So a large part of the time is spent on that narrative so that you can deliver the best to the audience. But sometimes, for various reasons, an actor may feel that it’s time to leave the job behind, even before the scriptwriter. Here are 10 famous Brazilians who no longer enjoyed directing their characters and asked to leave the soap opera.

Featuring Laura Cardoso A prophet

In 2006, actress Laura Cardoso was cast to play Abigail A prophet. However, his dissatisfaction with the role ended up as news on the pages of magazines. According to the newspaper Nowthe actor reportedly expressed to a friend that “he felt like an extra” and “couldn’t bear to leave the house to record a line or two.”

Angela Vieira enters Cubanacan

Cubanacan it was a real success with the public, but everything was not flowers behind the scenes of the soap opera, as revealed by Marcos Pasquim. There were those who asked to leave the plot. Actress Angela Vieira, who played Perla Peron, simply “didn’t agree with the direction of her character”.

With Antonio Calloni Pages of life

Another actor who didn’t fit the character’s course was Antonio Calloni Pages of life. He asked to leave the soap opera, which aired in 2006-2007. At the time, Antonio claimed “exhaustion”, but it was rumored that he “had revolted at the last-minute delivery of texts by the author”. Something that supported the rumors was that soon after the plot exit, the actor was involved in another project, a mini-series. Amazon: From Galvez to Chico MendesMeanwhile Pages of life it was still up in the air.

Tarcisio Filho included mild poison

Tarcísio Filho is an example that no matter how much time you put into a character, if you no longer identify with the role, it’s best not to force it. And so it was inside mild poisonAguinaldo Silva soap opera that aired in 1999. Tarcisinho was cast as Augusto Ivan, but dissatisfied with the direction of the character, he asked to leave the plot about two months before the end.

With Claudia Raia Seven sins

This was a departure that gave a lot to talk about in the press. Some media reported at the time that “Claudia’s (Raia) shards and her complaints about the author’s text” were the reasons why she left Walcyr Carrasco’s 2007-2008 telenovela. In the series, the actress played the villain Ágatha.

Enter Gloria Menezes But

An important role does not always mean that the actor is enthusiastic about the work that was given to him in that series. In But, Glória Menezes decided to abandon her character Stella because she did not feel “comfortable with the role of the writer and the text”. In the absence of the actress, the production hired Susana Vieira to live with Laura, Stella’s sister.

Jose Wilker in bofe

When writer Bráulio Pedroso had to step out from behind the scenes Buffet, due to health reasons, the character of actor José Wilker in the series changed radically. Dissatisfied with “the changes in the profile of her character Bandeira” and out of solidarity with the writer’s resignation, the actress quit the soap opera in 1972. Bráulio Pedroso was replaced by Lauro César Muniz.

With Christiane Torloni holy body

José Louzeuro, author holy body, which aired in 1987 on the defunct TV Manchete channel, denied that the departure of one of the show’s big names, Christiane Torloni, was due to some kind of fight between them. The actor told the newspaper about it Day who rejected the telenovela because “it was getting silly, soulless. And I didn’t understand how the writer was going to solve it. An actor doesn’t have to play any role, no”. This statement was released after an inquiry by reporter Duh Secco and published on the Teledramaturgy website.

Carlos Augusto Strazzer and Nivea Maria included willing mania

In general, when an actor asks to leave a soap opera in the middle of a story, it’s already a big accident. Now imagine when two of the main characters deliberately decide to abandon the series: total chaos. Because that’s what happened in 1986 willing mania. After the director Herval Rossano was fired because he had disagreed with the top management of TV Manchete, the actors Carlos Augusto Strazzer and Nivea Maria, both main characters of the plot, asked to terminate the contract.

With Cláudio Cavalcanti and Marcos Paulo Savior of the Fatherland

Cláudio Cavalcanti and Marcos Paulo also asked to leave the cast of the soap opera broadcast on Globo in 1989. Both were unhappy with the little emphasis given to their characters. In an interview, Cláudio Cavalcanti even said, “When I was offered the role of Eduardo, I thought it was great because after playing good characters in the series and spending some time away from television, I would have the opportunity to play a bad character, a tormented and mysterious man. But Eduardo ended up being so mysterious that I even I don’t know anything about him.

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