10 Breathtaking Movies to Watch on Netflix

John Wilson/Netflix

Life is truly a mystery, and inexplicable – and often sinister – circumstances will always overwhelm everyone’s journey at some point, even with an intolerable, insane frequency, mixing everything with the chaos that makes existing seem mired in chaos. distasteful substance that prohibits any movement that gives the impression that reality has given way to a very specific state, as if a dream, long, exhausting, that sucks the energy of those who sleep and tries in vain to manipulate these images into their taste. When he finally realizes that he is imprisoned by memories that he should get rid of – even though he never could – that his history up until then, to a greater or lesser extent, will show some influence on the directions he takes now, that he is drawn by the excesses of his own thinking, in the misty labyrinth of his unstable head, it is only up to man to convince himself that life is really the cornucopia of delusions that it appeared to him from an early age. What has no explanation, what has no name, much of what reason cannot reach, controls the narrative of the ten films that make up the list available to Netflix subscribers, listed according to the most recent year of release and in alphabetical order , they dissect, almost literally, this predator of man, hunter of his own kind, wolf in wolf’s clothing.

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