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10 Cast Reunions From Shows And Movies That Fill Our Hearts With Nostalgia TheTalko

You know that caress in the chest we feel when we meet someone we haven’t seen in a long time and it brings back good memories? So celebrities go through the same thing when they find a friend in the cast that they still have a certain affection for. And sometimes they even register a moment – ​​which for many of us is full of nostalgia, capable of providing a real journey back in time. Check out some of the most special clicks they gave us below!

Jennifer Freeman and Tisha Campbell – Me, the boss and the kids

Remembering the 21st century remembers immediately Me, the boss and the kids. Starring the Kyle family, the series brightened up the afternoon of many Brazilians, and was not only very successful at the time it aired, but continues to be successful today. It’s no wonder that Jennifer Freeman, who played the teenage “Claire” and Tisha Campbell, who gave life to the irreverent mother character “Jay”, were bombarded with comments on the social networks of the recording of the super-special meeting by Internet users: Brazilians, who show how the show remains in the memory of tupinikini despite time and remains a phenomenon in our country .

Cinthya Rachel and Luciano Amaral – Castelo Ra-Tim-Bum

The interaction between the actors of Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum was something so natural that it even seemed improvised at times. And maybe this is because they considered themselves a real family and had a lot of affection and involvement for each other. So the affection remained even after the end of the recordings, and some of them maintained contact and friendship, such as Cinthya Rachel and Luciano Amaral, the interpreters of Biba and Pedro, respectively, who still meet today in the conversation of the day”. This union undoubtedly contributed to the program becoming a reference to Brazilian culture .

Tichina Arnold and Tyler James Williams – Everyone hates Chris

Tichina Arnold and Tyler James Williams became familiar to Brazilians after playing “Rochelle” and “Chris” in the classic series Everyone hates Chris, mainly because for many Tichina’s character was a portrait of many mothers in our country. In 2018, they met again during an award show and showed a lot of affection and admiration for each other – making it clear that the bond formed during the tapings remains strong even after so many years. And of course it warmed the hearts of the fans!

Renata Dominguez and Bia Montez – Train

It was in the early 2000s, during the first seasons Train, which Bia Montez and Renata Dominguez gave life to “Dona Wilma” and “Solene”. A mother and daughter plot, the duo stayed in the role for a few years and undoubtedly marked a generation of teenage soap opera fans. In 2017, they met again at the Rede Globo studios and remembered this magical time in their lives. “It was really (quite) lovely because she was a little girl, wasn’t she?”, says Bia. Renata repeats: “Thanks for the reunion, really, because it stayed alive!”

Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz – The Twilight Saga

A fever among teenagers in the 2000s and 2010s, the Twilight saga still has loyal fans around the world. Proof of this is that the reunion of the actors who played Carlisle, Jasper, Alice and Emmett Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz at the fan event was a real success. There they not only spoke to the audience, but also signed autographs. And of course, fans couldn’t contain their excitement to see them together again.

Sofía Vergara, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, Julie Bowen, Nolan Gould and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons – modern family

Absolute success, sitcom modern family conquered many fans both in Brazil and around the world. After all, there’s no reason the show was taped for 11 seasons. The actors we’ve seen grow and mature all these years seem to maintain great affection even ‘behind the scenes’. And whenever they get the chance, they usually get together to celebrate each other’s achievements.

In 2022, Haley Dunphy’s interpreter Sarah Hyland got married in a not-so-intimate ceremony in California, attended by her “fake family”. In attendance were Sofía Vergara, Ariel Winter, Julie Bowen, Nolan Gould, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons. The latter two, who lived the plot as father and daughter, played by Mitchell Pritchett and Lily Tucker-Pritchett, also incidentally take away the brotherly affection created off-screen and finally appear together. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Mike, Jair de Oliveira, Simony and Tob – Magic balloon

One of the biggest hits of the 80s was The magical gang of balloons, which, in addition to being a children’s program, premiered in 1983 on TV Globo, was also a musical group. This is evidenced by songs that survived the ages and are still successful, such as “Superfantástico” and “Amigos do Peito”. In 2022, Simony, Jairzinho, Mike and Tobi not only reunited, reactivating the nostalgic memories of many fans, but also announced that the Star+ streaming network is ahead of a documentary about the history of the quartet. Quite a gift for admirers, right?

Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox – Back to the Future

Talking about the 80s also talks about one of the most iconic and significant films of the decade: Back to the Future. The plot, in which Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox were “Dr. Emmett Brown” and “Marty Mcfly”, respectively, combined for one movie in addition to three. However, the success seems to be timeless: in 2022, the two met at an entertainment convention to reminisce about the “good times” and connected to a legion of fans that proved to be a true milestone in pop culture.And you, how many times have you watched this classic on the small screen?

Eduardo Albuquerque, Betta Madruga, Carolina Pavanelli and Carmen Caroline – My dream

The main characters are names like José de Abreu and Nívea Maria, My dream was a very successful soap opera in the 90s, but in addition to the main actors, another group caught the attention: the children of the plot. Eduardo Albuquerque, Betta Madruga, Carolina Pavanelli and Carmen Caroline put on an acting show and mesmerized the audience with their undeniable talent.

In 2022, 28 years after the end of the telenovela, the characters we were used to seeing as “little” decide to meet again and show the audience that they are not so young anymore. “A lot of love involved and many memories that will stay forever in our hearts,” says “Taboinha” interpreter Betta Madruga about the truly special “awakening”.

Mara Wilson, Lisa Jakub and Matthew Lawrence – An almost perfect nanny

Alongside the irreverent Robin Williams, who masterfully played Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire,
Mara Wilson, Lisa Jakub and Matthew Lawrence brought the children of the classic to life An almost perfect nanny. And while not all have pursued acting careers, the now grown-up ‘Natalie Hillard’, ‘Lydia Hillard’ and ‘Christopher Hillard’ agreed to reunite in 2018 to celebrate the children’s plot’s 25th anniversary. Nostalgia talking, huh?

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