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10 Casting Facts About Soap Operas That You May Have Missed But Make A Lot Of Sense / Surprising

A good actor must give himself body and soul to interpret a character. In addition to the talent on-site, he has a dedicated team behind the scenes to help with the details that we sometimes don’t notice, but that make all the difference. With this in mind, we have compiled 10 cases where soap opera costume designers and makeup artists took great care in their characterization and resorted to tricks that many did not even notice. Check it out!

1. freedom, liberty

Actors of the novel freedom, liberty he experienced firsthand what it means to “sacrifice” oneself in the name of art. During the recording, the Actors and Actresses were not allowed to shave their armpit hair, for example. All so that the characters remained faithful to the historical period represented by the plot, Brazil in the 18th century.

At that time, Lucila Robirosa, a professional, worked on the characterization of the work: “It is important to repeat what happened during that time. We ask everyone to leave hair under the arms and in the groin. For those who had laser hair removal, we put a small wig in place,” he revealed.

two. new world

When a soap opera character is inspired by a real person, characterization is necessary to bring more truth to the story. In new worldLeticia Colin played Leopoldina, the first wife of Dom Pedro I. To adapt to the silhouette of the empress of Brazil, the actress helped the plot team.

Their clothes had many layers and the dresses included petticoats to help give the outfit even more volume. “I have a suit that shapes my body. We know that Leopoldina was chubby, so we preserved it through the costumes,” commented the artist at the time.

3. In the days of the Emperor

Mariana Ximenes also had to modify her appearance to represent the real character. The actor, known for his confused blue eyes, appeared in the soap opera without this business card In the days of the Emperor.

The color of the iris may seem like a mere detail, but it influenced the makeup of her character, Luísa, Countess of Barral. Just by looking at the pictures, we understand how much the artist’s gaze has changed.

4. The more life, the better!

In The more life, the better!, the four main characters went through a somewhat unusual situation in telenovelas: they switched bodies. The costume team then entered and helped the audience identify who was taking over from whom. Many may not have noticed, but the characters’ clothes have also changed.

For example, Paula (Giovanna Antonelli), who had to wear monochromatic outfits, switched places with the laid-back soccer player Neném (Vladimir Brichta). After the makeover, the businesswoman with an athlete’s body kept her wardrobe in unique and vibrant colors, but replaced the skirts with sportswear.

5. The Brazilian generation

Those who follow singer Johnny Hooker’s work may not remember that he has already taken a risk as an actor – or probably did not recognize him on stage. This is because in the novel The Brazilian generationthe musician gave life to young Thales, a character whose style is very different from what Johnny usually portrays.

In addition to stripped clothes and glasses, far from the luxurious suits worn by the boy on stage, Hairstyle dreadlocks also meant expression. But it was all a wig! At the time, the artist revealed that it took about an hour and a half to put on the wig.

6. I love Paraisopolis

You need to think carefully before getting a tattoo. After all, it is an absolute sign. So, what do you do when you have a soap opera character’s body tattooed? This is where the tricks of the characterization team come into play.

This is exactly what happened to Caio Castro when he gave life to a villain I love Paraisopolis. to create tattoos / bad boy Greece, a makeup artist used a sticker. The application on the actor’s skin actually looked real, but it had an expiration date: it lasted no more than two days.

7. Soul mate

In the telenovela, a different frame structure had to be repeated. Soul mate. The main character of the story, Serena, played by Priscila Fantin, was indigenous. The plot professionals representing the typical arts of that culture first used the stamp.

Afterwards, waterproof makeup was applied so that it would not melt with sweat or in scenes recorded in rivers. The painting process for each casting was daily and took about 40 minutes.

8. Over time

In Over time, veteran Irene Ravache burst onto the scene 20 years younger. The conversion was necessary for the series flashbackwhich took only a few minutes but required the talent and dedication of the people behind the camera.

“Rejuvenating an actor by 20 years is challenging. Doing this job was a gift. He cooperated and supported me throughout the process. It was a great pleasure and Irene was very satisfied,” said professional Valéria Toth, a member of the plot characterization team.

9. Ten Commandments

Guilherme Winter’s performance in Ten Commandments captivated audiences throughout Brazil. In the skin of Prophet Moses, the actor moved in scenes that characterized soap operas. Many may not know that the characterization of the main character required careful work.

In addition to the tea beard and hair, aging effects were also used, such as makeup tricks to emphasize facial features and some gray hair. On the social network, the artist even shared a video showing her transformation.

10. All the flowers

In a soap opera All the flowers, it was hard not to get involved in the story of seamstress Judite, played by Mariana Nunes. In addition to the sense of justice, the girl’s appearance with its volume also drew attention.

Some viewers may not know that the character’s long curls were not part of the actor’s real-life style. Mariana has very short hair and had to put a a wig before entering the venue.

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