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10+ Characters Who Left Writers Struggling To Choose A Partner / The Incredibles

We have already proven in several reports that true love does exist and we can all have a happy ending. However, there may have been a lot of headaches behind these stories. Before experiencing great love, some people went through several partners that did not work out, which turned out to be the so-called “rotten fingers”. And since soap operas depict our daily lives very well, we have already seen many characters who are unlucky in love and suffer at the hands of loggers. How about remembering some of them?

1. Lola, from Cubanacan

Let’s start with a Caribbean rhythm and remember Lola’s story Cubanacan. She learned to live without dependence on a man, but she fell in love with Enrico, a kind and warm fisherman. So warm that he always jumped over the fence, which led to the breakup of the couple. Then she started a relationship with Esteban. The proof of the “rotten finger” came as soon as Esteban began to reveal his dark side, who, look at this, was quite the ladies’ man. Run, Lola, run!

2. Griselda, from small print

Remember Griselda from the soap opera small print? The character played by Lilia Cabral turned out to be lucky only in the money lottery. The love lottery did not favor the “repair wife” because she had chosen Pereirinha’s scoundrel to marry and after divorcing him she was back and forth with René. “The truth is, when we like it, we like it. The rest comes in the package,” the character wisely concluded. At the end of the soap opera, Pereirão signed a contract with the Portuguese Guaracy.

3. Clara, from The other side of paradise

In The other side of paradise, Bianca Bin played Clara, a romantic girl who meets Gael and moves with him from Jalapão to Palmas, the capital of Tocantins. Despite being observant, Gael experienced aggression and jealousy that burned deep within him. Clara manages to get back on her feet and gets involved with Renato, whom she almost married, only to discover in time that he is a fraud. In the end, the young woman of the soap opera managed to find love in Patrick, whom she married.

4. Diana, from God save the king

Diana, Fernanda Nobre’s character, included God save the kingwas described as “a beautiful, good-natured woman, but with a recognized ‘rotten finger’ for men”. The first of them was Virgílio, who approached the girl only to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. She later stays with Tiago, but the boy cheats on her with Selena and decides to break up with Diana. He even went so far as to use Diana as a hostage during the prison break.

5. Carolina, from secret truths

The naivety of Carolina’s character secret truths, moved the audience. After all, for a long time she did not notice that her husband Alex was cheating on her with his own daughter Angel. However, before that, Carolina had already ended her marriage with Rogério at the beginning of the novel, also due to betrayal. The actress who played the character, Drica Moraes, thinks that Carolina’s blind trust reflects the reality of many women, who believe that they need to depend on their husband to be complete people.

6. Maria da Paz, from The owner of the work

In The owner of the work, Maria da Paz suffers in life and love. At the very beginning of the novel, he had problems with the rivalry between his family and his first love, Amadeu. After several encounters and disagreements, when she finally decides to settle with him, she discovers that Amadeu is married and has a son. The worst thing is that he reveals this “detail” of his life only after living with Maria, that is, after cheating on his wife Gilda.

And the boleira continued to suffer at the hands of another villain, Régis. The two married under the influence of their daughter Josiane, who ended up being her stepfather’s lover. However, Maria da Paz ends up separated when Régis and Josiane’s coup comes to fruition and she loses everything she had. However, at the end of the novel, Maria manages to reconcile with Amadeu and make his end worthy of a young woman, winning the marriage with her youthful love.

7. Barbara, from A place in the Sun

Despite the name of the soap opera, it seems that Bárbara has not found her place in the sun when it comes to successful romance. First she found out that her husband Renato was actually her twin brother Christian. In addition to hijacking the late brother’s identity, Christian also admitted that he married the girl just for fun, which left her devastated. To prove the “rotten finger” at the end of the soap opera, Bárbara begins a relationship with Edu, who also shows signs of not being a good person.

8. Isadora, from Beyond the Illusion

Isadora, Larissa Manoela’s character, also suffered at the hands of her husband Beyond the Illusion. It took some time, but she finally realized that her marriage to Joaquim was a coup attempt planned by her and her mother. In addition, she also got her husband to kiss another woman. Fortunately, she bonded with Rafael – who also seemed like a criminal – but ended up discovering that he was actually Davi and that he was innocent.

9. Zepha, from Pantanal

Pantanal also had its share of characters who were unlucky in love. We are talking about the maid Zefa, a very conservative and religious woman. So far everything has gone well, but her boyfriend Tadeu did not care about her feelings and said that he had no intention of getting married. Zefa was destroyed and the romance ended. Soon she started dating Renato, who said he was in love, but even molested her. Eventually, Zefa got back together with Tadeu and they got married.

10. Andrea, from Face and courage

Action actress Andréa Pratini was in love with Moa, a well-known stuntman. They started dating, but the guy was really interested in other things. First, to find out more about Clarice’s death. Then attracted by another woman, Pat. This eventually led to their separation. Naïve, Andréa briefly falls in love with Bob Wright, who was actually Duarte, the cleaner posing as a millionaire. In the end, Andrea tried to win Moa back.

11. Wind, from Crossing

Poor Brisa also suffered at the hands of a man who only wanted to beat her, Ari. Turns out he was a liar who did several things: he skipped his son’s birthday to be with another, Chiara, he later changed his wife to a mistress and even took his son with him. However, all suffering is minor when it comes to soap opera, so Brisa got involved with another “trash boy”, Oto, a criminal who was even involved in the crime Brisa was charged with. Open your eyes, woman!

12. War, from Crossing

Let’s stay in the soap opera to prove that men can also have “rotten fingers”. Crossing and talk about war. In the first chapter, he catches his fiancée Débora cheating on him with her partner. So he dismantles society and cuts it off. Years later, the bachelor met the dancer Silene and fell in love with her. The girl uses this to try to change her life and will do anything for the crown. Just don’t mention that she already has a boyfriend, Nunes. Is all fair in love and war?

With so many characters on TV who have downplayed their luck in love, our disappointments are all the easier to bear, right? And you, Do you know someone with a “rotten finger”? Or do you have it? Let us know in the comments!

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