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10 Famous Brazilians Who Prove They’re ‘People Like Us’ / Unbelievable

Fame and wealth can often create the image that the famous are untouchable and superior beings. Despite their busy careers and lavish lifestyles, many celebrities are just like us and face the same everyday challenges and problems. In this article, we’re going to explore some examples of how celebrities can be more than we think, sharing the same experiences and entertaining their followers on social media!

1. Ary Fontoura

At the age of 85, the well-known actor Ary Fontoura is an example that age is not a limiting factor in the success of an artistic career and social networks. On her account, she often shares funny and creative pictures that defy common expectations for someone her age. In addition, he is one of the few artists who has captivated a loyal audience in more than five decades of his career, collecting several important awards and recognitions. Find out how she stays relevant and adored by her fans over time.

2. Zeca Pagodinho

Zeca Pagodinho is known for her laid-back style and for living by the lyrics of one of her most famous songs: “Let life take me (life take me!)”. His “people like us” clothes are successful not only on social media but also on stage. In an interview, the singer revealed that in his hometown of Xerém, he feels comfortable in holey slippers and ripped shorts.

3. William Bonner

The host of the country’s main news broadcast, William Bonner, is another person who surprises the web with his ease. Even when dealing with serious issues, he shows a relaxed and humorous side in his sentences. The decision to grow a beard, for example, after 36 years without creating much of a mark on social media, he commented on the reason for ditching the habit: “During that time, I thought I had to cut it. Then, now, I thought I didn’t have it.” And he added of the aftermath: “It was a good noise. People were amused by this news.”

4. Reynaldo Gianecchini

Reynaldo Gianecchini, one of the most iconic heartthrobs of Brazilian television, surprised his followers by sharing a shared moment in his life: traveling by bus during a trip. Despite her fame and success, the star has already revealed that she had a shy childhood, which may surprise those who always see her as confident and charismatic on the small screen.

5. Milestones

Marcos, who has a remarkable and admired voice in the sertanejo world, together with the Beluti duo is also conquering the internet by showing their relaxed routine on social media. With the help of pajama pictures and domestic moments, he connects with the audience in a spontaneous and engaging way. And despite his fame and talent, his stage partner revealed a secret about him that brings him even closer to us mortals: his poor memory, which caused him to be late for the television show. It seems even the stars have their faults.

6. Evaristo Costa

Evaristo Costa is one of Brazil’s most popular journalists, known for his friendliness and professionalism on television. However, on social media, she shows a completely different side and has fun with her followers. Who would imagine that behind a serious picture is an animation fan like BoJack Horseman? In the interview, he also revealed that after leaving the bench, he never watched the news that made him famous. Newspaper today. With this relaxed and authentic attitude, Evaristo Costa proves that he is like us.

7. Matheus Solano

With his excellent performance in several television productions, Mateus Solano surprised his followers by sharing a picture on public transport, far from the glamor of cameras. Although he is a prominent name in the media, the actor values ​​his privacy and prefers to live away from the limelight, devoting himself to his family. In an interview, he revealed his position regarding Internet visibility: “Every person in my generation chose and understood how to access this ‘second life’ that we have on the Internet. I don’t like the idea of ​​exposing myself, and I already expose myself a lot.”

8. Murilo Rosa

In the middle of an event as great as the 2014 World Cup, Murilo Rosa and his wife Fernanda Tavares were surprised when they chose public transport. The couple did not hesitate to register the moment on their social networks, showing that despite all the fame, they also want to enjoy simple moments together.

9. Adriana Esteves

Adriana Esteves is known for excellent roles such as Carminha in Brazil Avenue and Celinha in take give and his undeniable talent. Recently, her manager shared a collection of photos that showed that the star is also good at household chores, such as washing dishes and laundry, and all this with great sympathy. Speaking about her unforgettable villain, Adriana Esteves emphasized the importance of the role of Carminha in her career: “This character increased my self-esteem as an actress”.

10. Carolina Dieckmann

Carolina Dieckmann, one of the great stars of Brazilian television, became known for her unforgettable roles such as Family relations, From Rede Globo. During the isolation, the actress dived into the world of housework and shared her routines on social media. She listed her daily life and said she wore an apron, almost always cooked, cleaned and prepared meals for her children.

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