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10 Famous Brazilians Who Were Revealed On Music Shows TheTalko

Music programs such as fame and Voice Brazil suggests a contest where, in addition to wasting talent, the candidate has to win over the audience with his charisma to increase his chances of winning the award. Some of today’s famous artists with established careers appeared for the first time on national television to compete and gain recognition for their performances, especially as singers.

In Brazil, music programs were responsible for revealing great musical talents. Among so many versions of these shows, it’s hard to remember all the winners and not all the contenders. As an example, the first production season of the season Fame presented for over 20 years.

10. Thiaguinho

In 2002, Thiaguinho gained fame among the general public after participating in the second edition of Fama broadcast by Rede Globo. During the competition, the singer withdrew halfway through and the critics criticized her harshly. Nevertheless, he did not abandon his dream of pursuing a musical career, stating that participating in the program was an opportunity to showcase his work and learn from criticism. The year following his participation in the program, the singer joined Exaltasamba, where he remained until 2012, when he decided to pursue a solo career.

9. Thaeme Marioto

In the show’s second and final season idols, which aired on SBT in 2007, Thaeme won. Her success was not immediate despite the prominence she achieved on the show. The artist had to be realistic and even venture into another field of activity, work as a TV presenter, while continuing his musical career. It wasn’t until 2011 that his career took off when he formed a country duo Thaeme and Thiago.

8. Band Malta

During the first season of the show Super star, presented by Rede Globo in 2014, Malta won the champion and in the same year released its first single called “Diz Pra Mim”, which achieved great popularity in the Brazilian music charts and was nominated for several awards. awards, including a Latin Grammy for Best Brazilian Music. In 2016, the lead vocalist left the band to pursue a solo career, but was soon replaced. The rock band is still active and has already recorded four albums, the last of which will be released in 2019.

7. Hugo and Tiago

In the third season of the music show fame, In 2004, rivals Hugo and Tiago met and discovered that they had the same taste in music. At the end of the competition, Tiago emerged as the winner and won a contract with Warner to release a solo album. However, because of his interest in Hugo, he was encouraged to form a duo to record the first CD. The collaboration was so successful that both are successful together even today. With a career spanning more than 15 years, Hugo said he’s still surprised when people remember his participation in Fama.

6. Chay Suede

Chay Suede participated in the fifth edition of the program idols in 2010, broadcast by Record TV. Although she did not win the competition, she became popular among the youth, which attracted the attention of the broadcaster, who invited her to play one of the main roles in the telenovela. Rebellious (2011). Focusing on acting, Chay signed a contract with Rede Globo in 2014 and debuted in a telenovela that same year. Empire. Since then, she has starred in major network soap operas.

5. Roberta Sá

In 2002, Roberta participated in the program Fame, the same edition that also featured singer Thiaguinho. Despite being removed reality, the singer realized that he had won over the audience. This exposure helped boost his music career in the MPB scene. The following year, she was invited by the famous soap opera writer Gilberto Braga to record the theme song for the character of Juliana Paes in Celebridade. Since then, the singer has continued to perform other songs on the soundtracks of soap operas worldwide, in addition to collaborating with singer Gilberto Gil on a song released on the soap opera. Another sun (2018).

4. Marjorie Estiano

Marjorie started her artistic career at the age of 15 in amateur theater, but unsure whether to pursue a career as an actress or a singer, she decided to participate in the first season of the show. pop starswhich was presented by SBT in 2002. However, it was not successful and the winners formed a group Rouge. He focused on acting and first appeared on television in 2003 in a small role Train, and quickly became part of the telenovela’s regular cast. Over time, Marjorie became more and more in demand for work in television, film and theatre, leaving music behind. In 2019, the actor was recognized for his dramaturgical talent. Emmi International in the Best Actress category for her role in the series Under pressure.

3. Munhoz and Mariano

Founded in 2006 in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, the duo gained visibility throughout the country after winning Faustão’s garage in 2010, featured in Domingão do Faustão. As a reward, Munhoz and Mariano opened Sertanejo pop festivalBrazil’s biggest country music festival, and recorded 4 songs that formed CD Garagem do Faustão Sertanejo. In 2012, the duo returned Sunday to receive awards for success and won the award for best song with the song “a yellow Camaro“.

2. Lauana Prado

In 2012, Lauana Prado (Mayara Prado’s stage name) participated in the first season of the talent show. Voice Brazil, broadcast by Rede Globo. Before that, he had already competed in the show Young talents, from SBT in 2011. Although she didn’t win any contests, the singer continued to fight for success. Finally, in 2014, he won the frame Women who shine, hosted by Raul Gil. In 2018, his career received a big boost from the recording of the song Cobaia in collaboration with sertaneja duo Maiara and Maraísa.

1. Marina Elali

Marina Elali participated in the program Fame In 2004. The following year, Marina’s musical career took off when she sang the song “You” in the final chapter of the novel America. The singer also debuted as an actress in the mini-series A resounding cry, in 2012.

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