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10 recent movies that won Oscars (and other awards) are on Netflix

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How many times have you scrolled through Netflix categories looking for a new movie to watch and felt lost in the variety of titles you found? There is a lot of content available, and in the midst of it all, you might not have seen the much-loved and missed productions that have garnered much acclaim from the film industry, critical acclaim, and public support. Yes, there are many movies that appear to be hidden on the streaming shelves, but in reality they should be displayed as pictures in the Netflix interface. To give due value to these works, Revista Bula has selected only the award-winning works, with Oscars and other major prizes, for your perusal. From 2022, highlights of Romain Gavras, “Athena”; “Nothing New on the Front”, 2022, Edward Berger; and “O Milagres,” from 2022, by Sebastian Lelio. Titles available on Netflix are organized by year of release and do not follow any classification criteria.

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