10,000 BRL IN HAND for those who have THIS BRL 1 COIN; check the rarity

Everyone knows that R$ 1 coin, some of the money currently circulating in the national territory is quite popular among Brazilians. However, some units are considered valuable because of their rarity, especially when it comes to the interest of collectors who admire this type of item. That is why such a “type” is usually found at auctions, private collections, or even in your home.

It is important to know that there are units of our money that are worth thousands of reais. For example, in R$ 1 coin, which was produced in 1998, reaches approximately 10 thousand rials to the dollar. The material has a very rare quality, which gives good money. See what this feature is in this Thursday’s article in Notícias Concursos (09).

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What makes the R$1 coin so valuable?

What makes the item so valuable is the fact that it is engraved with a small letter, the letter “P”. This “P” is just above where the value is displayed. This additional letter was included below where it says “genuine”.

For this reason, the money unit entered the select list of very rare coins. It is rated R5 on the rarity scale, as this means it does not cease to exist for a long time. So, from that moment on, the product will only be available in numismatic markets.

10,000 BRL IN HAND for those who have THIS BRL 1 COIN; check the rarity

Reasons why the letter “P” was engraved on the coin

According to information provided by the Mint, the letter “P” engraved on the coin stands for “proof”. In addition, it shows that the items have been tested first to confirm the quality of the stamp and engraving.

For this purpose, the coins could not be designated for circulation. This means that they should be limited to international organizations and state bodies. However, some divisions were observed among the citizens.

The purpose of these coins was to preserve Brazilian memory and history. Currently, citizens who own this product can sell it. So, in order to do business, those who collect coins usually make offers for extremely large sums, reaching R$ 10,000.

How to know if a coin you have at home is rare or not

To make sure that this or that coin in your home is valuable to collectors or not, it is important to understand the details. But which ones? For example, the exact serial number, the place where the money was made, and the type of material used to make it.

Another issue that is also very important R$ 1 coin (or another that he considers precious) introduces some other form of relief or error in his carvings. Let’s give a practical example. “P” coins of 1998 have their design feature, distinguishing them from others.

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