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11 Style Details That Make A Woman Look Much Older Than She Really Is / Incredible

Everyone has to decide what their style is that they are comfortable with. But sometimes we can choose clothes or makeup that don’t actually favor us and even add a few years to us, when our goal is the complete opposite. In these cases, it is enough to learn a few tricks to make our appearance as good as possible and thus surprise anyone who asks us our age with our brightness and youth.

Are you upset when people think you’re older than you really are? What are your tips for looking good and maintaining your youthful glow?

1. Exaggerate the tan

Tanned skin can make us more attractive and vitamin D produced by the sun makes us feel good. However, overexposure to the sun doesn’t just affect our skin, it also makes us look older. Victoria Beckham admitted that she now prefers her skin in its natural color, as too much tan made her look aged.

In addition to a care routine according to our skin type, a light tan can even stylize our body. Therefore, it is recommended not to expose yourself to the sun without adequate protection and to achieve the desired shade gradually. In this way, we do not damage the collagen and elastic fibers that give the skin tone and firmness.

2. Use all black parts

When we don’t know which color suits us outfitWe definitely chose black because it goes with everything and makes us look stylish and elegant. But over time, our skin starts to look a little lighter, and using black in every piece makes us look dull and even tired, while it accentuates our wrinkles.

Avoid this by adding a colorful item to your outfit. Depending on your skin tone, you can choose blue or red. This simple tip will brighten your face. And when you get used to it, you can change the black to other dark colors that also flatter the figure, such as gray or navy blue.

3. Applying makeup with very dark and strong colors

Makeup is one of our allies when it comes to covering up facial imperfections. It also helps us emphasize what we like. With this idea, we can apply more than we need or choose strong and heavy colors that bring an unwanted result: they add years.

On the other hand, as we age, it is best to keep our skin radiant and hydrated and almost natural. If you don’t dare to go out without makeup, use a matte, light and light shade. If you’re worried about your face looking greasy, apply powder around your eyes and on your forehead. This will help preserve its natural glow.

4. Wear clothes with large floral prints

Although floral prints are always in fashion, some are best avoided if we don’t want to look older. According to one fashion expert, “big, bold and bold floral prints will make you look much older.”

To avoid this, choose delicate and small prints that bring freshness to the look. You can also choose geometric or abstract patterns to achieve a youthful style.

5. Abuse of mascara and black eyeliner

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Makeup can make the eyes appear brighter and larger. But be careful not to overdo it, because if we lose balance by wearing too much makeup, we can end up emphasizing what we don’t want. To keep the look natural, avoid overdoing it with black eyeliner and thick mascara, which harden and make the eyes look smaller.

Choose brown eyeliner instead of this color. If you mix it, you will get a youthful and fresh look. When it comes to mascara, one or two coats is enough to enhance your lashes. Don’t forget to comb them with a clean brush after application to keep them separated.

6. Wear loose, shapeless clothes

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Although Oversized coats or clothes are in fashion, it is also true that they can bring years to the wearer. We cannot deny that these types of clothes are comfortable and even help us hide the extra pounds. However, it can undermine our confidence.

In fact, baggy clothes don’t slim the silhouette, but rather enlarge it, giving a sloppy look, because the clothes end up hanging and shaping the body. It’s best to choose the right sized pieces that beautifully follow the curves of our silhouette. It can be tricky at first, but with a little practice you can achieve a balanced and comfortable look.

7. Use leggings all the time as if they were jeans

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Another wild card in the closet is leggings, which we can use all day, training or not. It’s understandable, because it’s a very comfortable outfit that adapts to all body types and looks good on all ages. However, it is necessary to avoid using them as trousers. By combining them well, they can flatten our legs and narrow the silhouette. If we misuse them, unfortunately we add years to ourselves.

That’s why you need to choose not only the right size, high waist that includes the belly and narrow waist, but also the fabric and colors that suit each season. at leggings they go very well with top wide pieces like shirts or blouses, cardigans or jackets in winter. And in summer with light dresses tied at the waist or tunics. In addition to everything, good ballerina-type shoes help to improve the appearance. Although they are also suitable for boots and heels.

8. Everything outfit compatibility

Connect all our parts outfit is no longer fashionable and can damage our appearance. Using a bag to match the color of high heels, jacket and even makeup will add several years to our look.

Choosing the right outfit can be exhausting, but you have to take it one step at a time. Instead of wearing several trendy clothes and matching them together, you can wear one or two, and they don’t necessarily have to be the same color scheme as your other clothes. This way, you will not only look natural and fresh, but also look younger.

9. Wear very long fingernails

Very long nails lengthen the fingers and thus also increase our aging. Artificial nails, very long and diverse, seem like a good choice to emphasize our hands, but the truth is that they age them.

On the other hand, short (not so short that they look biting) and well-groomed nails really flatter the rest of our appearance. Thus, oval nails that are a few millimeters away from the fingertips help to rejuvenate the hands.

10. Abuse of high collars

With age, the skin on the neck begins to loosen and it is very normal that we try to cover it with woolen collars. But this is how we managed to get attention in this area. Opt for a low-key round or v-neckline instead. In winter, prefer to wrap your neck with scarves or shawls, which can also give a special touch to the whole look without years.

11. Wear thick or square heels


We reach a certain point in our lives where we like comfort and believe the fallacy that as long as we wear low heels with a square or rounded toe, not only do we not look elegant, but we also don’t sacrifice our well-being. But in fact, these types of footwear make us look much older than we are. To avoid this, we can choose shoes that are more attractive and also more comfortable. We just have to be careful to choose the right size and good quality.

At a shoe store, you can ask them to measure your feet to get the right fit. You don’t have to wear heels to look elegant. An excellent option are ballerina-style flat shoes, which are versatile and combine different styles, whether they are formal or not, or canvas sandals with jute soles, which stylize the silhouette and give it a natural and youthful look.

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