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11 “super powerful” women of the world of weddings: example and inspiration!

March 8th it’s not just another day on the calendar: it’s International Women’s Day! After years of fighting, claims and seeking justicefinally women got some basic rights. It is true that in this patriarchal society, women still have a long way to go, especially in terms of gender based violence it is equal paythat I do not touch the subject of male chauvinism and the calls “micro sexism” present in the daily life of all of us. On the other hand, this March 8 shows that the world is changing and yes, we have reasons to celebrate even though we continue to struggle!

In Zankyou, we are privileged to work with women in various types of activities, all of which are recognized in the sector. Do you want to know some of them? super powerful women of the world of marriages all over the world? Check it out here!

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Marta Medeiros – Photo: Publicity

Marta Medeiros – Brazil

Reference to Brazilian fashion for various reasons. in first placefor his passion when it comes to making his childhood dream come true with a job like this of the great businessmen known all over the world: she began to dress her dolls with models created by her, at the age of 8 she opened her own “shop” in the garage of her house and later, much later, she arrived in the professional world after graduating from the first class of the senac fashion course. At that time, he opened a multi-brand store and a little later launched his personal brand.

“Olê muié lace maker, hey Mule lace maker, you taught me how to make lace and I’ll teach you how to date”

in Second placeMarta has long contributed to economy of women farmers in the Northeast, whose entirely artisanal work adorns the most glamorous gowns created by Marta. A renaissance lacefor example, is a technique originating from Venice, in the sixteenth century. It is made with needle, thread and cotton lace and is one of the most liked by women. are more than 300 lace makers organized into a system of cooperatives that go through training and assessment programs for business women before they start working. Marta Medeiros yes, featuring us as well as all the wonderful lace makers who maintain a unique art!

To preserveMartha

Marta Medeiros – Photo: Disclosure

Rosa Clara – Spain

The Spanish Rosa Clará is not only a benchmark in Spanish bridal fashion, but also a famous stylist known all over the world. with 20 years of experience, her way of understanding haute couture for brides and her courage made a real revolution in the sector.

The secret of its success is the use of quality raw materials and the talent of a stylist who knows how to adapt and preserve its originality over time. He is also an expert in party dresses, models you can meet Two fiestas from Rosa Clara, who dresses the guests at the most glamorous weddings.

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To preserveRosa Clara

Rosa Clara – Photo: Publicity

Anna Francisco – Italy

A highly recognized ceremonialist in Italy, who knew how to thrive in the most difficult situations, from which she came out even stronger to face the inconveniences.

Anna Frascisco specializes in adapting to all bridal styles and is known for working with great famous people Italian. Relying on it at the wedding is considered true safely of life.

To preserveAnna Francisco

Anna Francisco – Photo: publicity

Rime Arodaky – France

A stylist of Syrian descent, her story is that of a true heroine. A fighter in all walks of life, she built her brand “from nothing”, little by little, showing her style and building her place among the most famous stylists, even though she was super young at the time. It’s big right now reference and there are points of sale in all major cities of the world. Besides being an excellent professional, berries stands out as a person. A great advocate of products made in France, which she tries to value as high as possible in her models, she works with refugees with a strong commitment. A role model!

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To preserveGreg Fink

Rime Arodaki – Photo: Greg Fink

Susana Palazuelos – Mexico

A reference in wedding catering in Mexico, his specialization allows him to venture outside, decorating for all types of events.

She is the owner and general manager of Banquets Susanna Palazuelos, operating since 1977 and serving as a venue Acapulco as a world reference in the organization of weddings. Famous people of all sizes have passed through his hands, including the last six presidents of the republic.

But besides great talent, Susana Palazuelos managed to improve the marginalized areas of Acapulco by providing jobs and also by improving the national product. A great woman who has been at the “front” for years, despite great difficulties in the past.

Alice Demontis it is Antonella Argiro (Ordine della Giarrettiera) – Italy

These two young Italian women rule Ordine della Giarrettiera with a firm hand and a lot of creativity. The name of his photography studio, which refers to the oldest order of chivalry in the United Kingdom (Order of the Jarretera), demonstrates part of the spirit we are trying to emphasize. This Order has as Grand Master, the Queen of England, a woman, and promoted equality between men and women in the military organization.

Alice and Antonella, for their part, develop a unique and original work as photographers and are currently very famous in Italy. an offer two points of view for the achievements of his reporting, fueled by a cinematic touch that enhances every shot. They are in Milan, but their goal is the world!

To preserveOrdine della Giarrettiera

Ordine della Giarrettiera – Photo: advertisement

Pureza Mello Breyner Atelier – Portugal

Melo Breiner puree she knew how to combine her motherly face with that of a tireless worker. For this purpose, after traveling and gaining experience, he decided to fulfill his dream: to be a designer of wedding dresses. With a privileged space, it is now one of the largest in the sector in Portugal. offers dresses personalized, unique and best, is an example of reconciling family and work. Yes, we want and support!

To preservePureza Mello Breyner Atelier

Pureza Mello Breyner Atelier – Photo: Publicity

Eva Iglesias (Bodas Colorín Colorado) – Spain

When we talk about Spanish ceremonialists, Eva Iglesias is one of the first that comes to mind. Your inward trajectory advertisement (she graduated in advertising and public relations) served to learn about people’s preferences and turn their dreams into reality. He also studied in Italy and the USA and worked inThe world’s leading advertising agencies (Ogilvy & Mather Paris, Iris Worldwide London, Young & Rubicam NY) and in the big brands (Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Movistar). The best way forward is to reinvent yourself and Eva Iglesias adapt your thinking publicity to the craftsmanship that a wedding organization requires. Yours creativity it was always extraordinary. A woman with a capital M!

To preserveEva

Eva Iglesias – Colorado Wedding – Photo: Publicity

Mathilde Berk – Portugal

One of the photography professionals dominating the wedding market in Portugal. When doing photojournalism, take care of naturalness and spontaneity in pairs. On the other hand, your artistic face also helps to develop more studied pictures, with a suitable script, light of particular beauty and a touch of acting. But in addition to being a photographer, this great woman also has her own brand of wedding dresses. For some people, there is no word impossible…

To preservematild burke

Photo: Mathilde Berk

Anne Sophie Faure Braque (She and the Poppies) – France

It drives the delicate and the beautiful She and the Poppies a photo studio known in the French wedding scene for its work, which is true visual poetry. Fauré Braque is a specialist in social photography, uses reality to create art; for that spontaneity in work and love for small details. Your Passions, by rock and roll to Game of thronesare the secret of your work and what allows you to connect with your customers.

To preserveCome and the poppies

Photo: Ella and the poppies

Becky Alazraqui – Mexico

Becky Alazraki works with her brother, she takes pictures the management of the company during the long journey of organizing a wedding. Today it is one of the largest wedding planners of Mexico, with absolute control over the organizational process that directs a the perfect setting for any wedding.

To preserveBecky Alazraki

Becky Alazraki – Photo: Publicity

These are some of the most reputable professionals in the wedding world, but there are many around the world. They are all great role models and inspirations. For them and for you who are women or men who love women: Happy Women’s Day!

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