12 banks can provide the Bolsa Familia 2023 loan

Payday loan Bolsa Familia It has recently gone through some changes. In particular, the federal government relaunched the credit system in February with the aim of replacing the Auxílio Brasil loan, which was created in October 2022.

According to official information, around 12 financial institutions have been released to launch the new Bolsa Família 2023 loan, namely:

  • Caixa Econômica Federal;
  • Banco Agibank S/A;
  • Banco Crefisa S/A;
  • Banco Daycoval S/A;
  • Banco Pan S/A;
  • Banco Safra S/A;
  • Capital Consig Sociedade de Crédito Direto S/A;
  • Facta Financeira S/A Loan, Financing and Investment;
  • Pintos S/A Loans; QI Sociedade de Crédito Direto S/A;
  • Valor Sociedade de Crédito Direto S/A.

But only from 12 banks Sberbank commented on the credit line. According to the president of the institution, Maria Rita Serrano, the bank will not launch the salary loan Bolsa Familia.

“Under the new rules, the operation is not paid for. In addition, this product was selective in nature, Caixa was the bank providing the most credit, with R$7.6 billion. It is a way out. I can’t lend a person to help feed themselves. In my opinion, it should be canceled,” said Rita Serrano in an interview with 22.

In particular, none of the financial institutions exempted for salary lending have accepted the campaign. Therefore, it is very likely that the government will not offer the loan to the beneficiaries again Bolsa Familia.

Bolsa Família salary loan changes

After the entry of the new government, the salary loan that was previously owned Aid to Brazil, was revised. Thus, the Ministry of Social Development, in agreement with Caixa Econômica Federal, decided to suspend the lending method.

According to the new president of Caixa, Maria Rita Serrano, the main reason for the suspension of the salary loan was related to the interest rate, which was considered disproportionate to the type of loan.

Therefore, on February 8, the government published a regulation with new rules for payday loans. Thus, all loan applications that are under this mode are already analyzed according to the new rules. In particular, the loan rules remain almost the same. Check what has changed.

  • Maximum monthly interest rate of 2.5%;
  • Number of payments – maximum 6 (six) consecutive payments;
  • Margin set at 5% of benefit amount.
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