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12 Celebrities Who Made TV Guest Appearances Before They Were Stars TheTalko

Many of the celebrities we see on TV every day didn’t start their careers with big roles. In fact, the first appearance on the small screen for many of them was as an extra, stage assistant or even in minor appearances, without lines. However, this served as a start for them to build a successful career. Today we recall 12 of these very special performances that show what the stars were like at the beginning of their artistic trajectory.

1. Renata Vasconcellos c Love story

Journalist Renata Vasconcellos, who presents National newspaper and has been in the news since 1996, she was on the small screen shortly before that and maybe many people don’t remember. Her participation was in the opening of the soap opera Love storyaired in 1995. The model-turned-journalist was an extra on the soap opera The next victim.

2. Umberto Martins acted in Everything is fine

Umberto Martins is one of the big names when we think of national actors. However, it also starts with small roles. His first television appearance was in a soap opera Everything is fine, from 1988, in which he played a hotel receptionist. The following year, the actor received a larger role in the production The sex of angels, of the same operator. In 1990, he had his first leading role, in Belly for rent.

3. Giovanna Tominaga c Angelica’s house

Anyone who sees actress and presenter Giovanna Tominaga these days cannot imagine that she began her career as an angelica, the name given to Angelica’s stage assistants. First on Rede Manchete, and then when the presenter commanded the children’s program Angelica’s House, of SBT. But her participation in the small screens did not stop there. Giovanna also participated in workout, from the novel taste of passion and even presented the children’s program Globino on TV.

4. Romulo Estrella in a reality show Hulk’s cauldron

The actor Romulo Estrella, who participated in successful productions such as Secret truths and it is in the new novel Crossingdebuted on the small screen in a reality show, love on board on Hulk’s cauldron, when he was only 18 years old. He then acts in the color of sin in 2004, and his career took off after appearing in the soap opera These women and the mutants, from Record and from the second season of Secret truths.

5. Marina Rui Barbosa c It starts again

Before all the fame, Marina Rui Barbosa appeared on television as the character Aninha, in It starts again. She had no lines in the plot. In the same year, she also starred alongside Xuxa in the film Xuxa and the Treasure of the Lost City. The following year, she starred with big names on Brazilian television, such as Fernanda Montenegro, on the soap opera Wonderful.

6. Fernanda Souza c X-all

Actress Fernanda Souza began her artistic career with commercials. When she was already their favorite, they called her to be one of the reporters in the children’s show X-all, from TV Culture. The star then gave life to the character Millie, c Chikititas. Other famous roles in the life of the actress were Myrna, c Soulmate and Isadora, c Take it, give it here.

7. Eduardo Moscovis as an extra in Top model

Eduardo Moscovis, the eternal Petruchio of The carnation and the rose, actually began studying business administration. However, he discovered his true calling in acting when he went to a drama class with a friend. His first television job was as an extra on a soap opera Top model. In 1992, he debuted in prime time, in the production Stone upon stone.

8. Bruna Marchesin in the show innocent people

Bruna Marchesin is remembered for leading roles, such as Salete, from Women in love. But the actress has already appeared on television before when she participated in the program Innocent people. In 2002, the actress starred in Xuxa’s DVD. The following year she played Salete de Women in love and saw his career take off, with appearances in some episodes of Place Yellow Woodpecker. In 2005, she gave life to the character Maria Flor America.

9. Isabelle Drummond c Family ties

Isabel Drummond charmed many people as a child playing the ragdoll Emilia in the Place Yellow Woodpecker. But before that, she had a small part on the small screen, in a soap opera family ties, at 6 years old. In the same year, she also appeared in the series Direct linewho did case reenactments for television.

10. Cayo Castro c Hulk’s cauldron

Anyone watching Cayo Castro today might not even remember that the star’s first appearance on the small screen was in a reality show on hulk’s cauldron, who will choose actors to participate Training.
He was one of the winners of the reality show and was part of the fixed cast of the plot for three seasons. Caio Castro has already said in interviews that he did not dream of acting and that he decided to participate in the program when he saw the reality show. What luck, right?

11. Marjorie Estiano participated in the reality show pop stars

Many believe that the first appearance of Marjorie Estiano, a singer and actress nominated for an International Emmy Award for bringing Carolina to life in the series Under pressure – was like Natasha, from Training. But in fact, she had already appeared on the small screen two years before, when she was one of the participants in the reality format. pop starswho selected artists to form the famous group Blush. In 2007, she played her first heroine, Maria Paula, from Two faces.

12. Adriana Estevez as an extra in Everything is fine

Who watched the great success that he was Brazil Avenue, you can’t imagine that Adriana Estevez, the eternal Carminya, also started her acting career as an extra. But before that, she debuted on television, presenting a picture in Domingão Faustão. Well, her first appearance on the small screen was in the soap opera Everything is fine. The following year, in 1989, she starred in the soap opera top model, which makes her realize that her dream is to do it professionally.

And you, do you remember another “special appearance” on TV by a famous person early in their career? Share with us in the comments!

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