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12 Facts About Marilyn Monroe’s Life That Show The Truth Behind All The Hollywood Glamor

“Half child, half woman” – this is how the photographer described Marilyn Monroe after the photo shoot that launched the career of the future actress. At that time, she was still a factory worker, known by the baptismal name Norma Jean Baker. She was undoubtedly a great movie star and a reference of beauty and style. However, behind this captivating smile there were many insecurities, complexes and health problems.

we, from, we invite you to learn a little more about the history of Marilyn Monroe – a true diva who marked an era and is still synonymous with Hollywood glamour. Check it out!

Marilyn Monroe before hair procedures

Marilyn Monroe before hair procedures

Marilyn Monroe’s famous hairstyle cost her dearly. First, the actress underwent electrolysis to alter her hairline to get rid of the widow’s peak – the hair that grows over the forehead in the shape of an inverted triangle. In addition, Monroe has been bleaching her strands to a dark ash blonde shade for several years.

At first, the future star’s hair took on a reddish hue when it bleached. However, Marilyn wanted a light shade. And the solution she found was to bleach her locks every time she styled her hair. She eventually managed to achieve platinum blonde, but these constant procedures ended up ruining her hair.

Screen Prod / Photononstop / East News

At that time, the bleaching procedure used large doses of sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide, which burned both the hair and the scalp. Also, Marilyn curled her hair with toxic pipe cleaner. In all, the actress used chemistry two to three times a week to lighten the roots and remove the yellow tint.

Over time, Marilyn’s hair gradually became porous, dull and brittle, and towards the end of her life, it began to fall out completely. Because of this, the star started wearing wigs. For example, in a long Misfitssince 1961, the actor’s hair is not natural (pictured above).

Marilyn was ashamed of her fists

UNITED ARTISTS / Album / East News

The actress often felt insecure about her body. For example, he was convinced that his wrists were too wide. So, when Marilyn posed for photographers, she tried to cross her arms or leave them half-faced to the camera. He wanted the arm to look more elegant in photos than in real life.

The actress hid her ears because she thought they were too big

AF Archives / Mary Evans Picture Library / East News

The Hollywood diva hardly used high hairstyles. Marilyn thought her ears were too big and thought they were wrong. That’s why I always did those covering hairstyles.

Marilyn Monroe changed her chin

Screen Prod / Photononstop / East News

Rumor has it that early in Marilyn’s career, she heard a director call her a “jawless wonder.” Simply because the actress had a smooth, delicate line at the bottom of her face.

Mary Evans / AF Archive / Mary Evans Picture Library / East News, Mary Evans / AF Archive / Mary Evans Picture Library / East News

Famous Hollywood plastic surgeon Michael Gurdin wrote in his notes that Monroe decided to undergo surgery. According to medical records, in 1950 the actor had beef cartilage inserted to make his jaw more defined. Although the decisive factor in highlighting the features of this part of the face was the actor’s ability to pose for the camera (see collage above).

Over time, according to Gurdin, the implant began to dissolve. So in the actor’s last film – Something has to give (pictured above), shot in 1962, Marilyn’s expressions were more pronounced. Soon, like anyone who smiles, a double chin formed.

The star sighed to keep from stuttering

The actor suffered from stuttering since childhood. Because of this, the speech therapist taught him a special technique to avoid stuttering. Later, his style of pronunciation became a trademark by which everyone recognized the actor.

However, on the set of his latest film Something has to give (pictured above), Marilyn’s stutter returned and she struggled to say her lines.

Marilyn Monroe wore colored contact lenses

Mary Evans / AF Archive / Mary Evans Picture Library / East News

An actress with light and dark eyes

If you compare pictures of Marilyn Monroe taken over the years or analyze scenes from different movies, you will notice that the color of the actress’ eyes seems to vary. The shade varied between light or dark blue and could even be brown. Doctors who examined the actress’ photos concluded that Monroe wore tinted lenses and may have suffered from nearsightedness.

By the way, on the set of the movie How to catch a millionairewhere Marilyn played a girl with glasses, the actress adopted the accessory outside the studios.

The movie star wasn’t skinny and didn’t have a six pack

Marilyn Monroe was in good health, although not without difficulties. Despite this, the actress never parted with thinness. And her stomach was not “flat”, on the contrary, the blonde was famous for her curvy silhouette.

In a 1952 interview, Marilyn said that she never thought of her body as extraordinary. Soon after his acting debut, he took up sports. Every morning he trained different muscle groups.

In the same interview, Marilyn said that she did not eat much during the day, but that at night she allowed herself to enjoy steak.

It is documented that the actress weighed around 54 kg (at 1.66 m) at the beginning of her career. In 1959, Monroe herself admitted that she weighed about 58 kg. Some contemporaries claim that Marilyn weighed 63 or 64 kg by the end of her life.

Marilyn Monroe’s legs are believed to have been disproportionately short

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The film diva’s body proportions did not meet the beauty standards of the era. For example, at that time its head was considered large, as well as short legs, and the body – long. And maybe that’s why he looked shorter to many than he actually was.

On the other hand, Monroe knew how to emphasize her strengths with the help of clothes. For example, he loved the belt around the waist. This trick helped to visually lengthen the legs and height.

The actress worked on her smile for a long time

Reported by Capital Pictures / East News, 20th CENTURY FOX / Collection Christophe / East News

When Marilyn got her first job at a modeling agency in 1945, she was told her smile was inappropriate. According to experts, the young star smiled too wide and because of that, there were deep wrinkles around her nose, which at the same time looked longer.

Thus, Monroe began to receive lessons on how to smile more softly, so that her lips would appear sensual whenever the actress expressed joy.

Marilyn Monroe didn’t like her nose

The actress kept her nose big and tried to hide it all the time. Until one day he started looking different. Plastic surgeons claim that Marilyn had a minor nose job.

However, even after a possible medical procedure, the diva still saw the same problems. And to solve this, I contoured the area with makeup to visually narrow your nose.

The Hollywood diva had a nervous and sensitive nature

Legacy Collection / Hollywood Archives / Photoshot / East News

An actor in his teens

Marilyn did not have an easy childhood. She didn’t know her father, often lived in orphanages, moved from foster homes and foster families many times, and was abused by men from an early age. All this, of course, ended up leaving its mark on the psychology of the young actor.

At times, Monroe literally hated her star status. He avoided public life, sometimes hiding under aliases, forming secret friendships and renting hidden apartments.

This double life took a psychological toll on the actor. The diva suffered from mental trauma, due to which she often resorted to medication and the help of psychologists. Once Marilyn even spent some time in a psychiatric hospital.

Marilyn Monroe had unbearable cramps during her period

20TH CENTURY FOX / Album / East News

The actress hid from many the fact that she suffered from endometriosis, a disease that made her periods very uncomfortable throughout her life. The star even added a clause to his contracts that allowed him to be absent from work on these critical days.

Although Marilyn underwent several surgeries, none of the treatments proved effective. And to get rid of the terrible pains of menstrual cramps, the movie diva medicated herself with questionable painkillers that can have harmful effects on the nervous system. Because of endometriosis, Marilyn was never able to have a child.

Therefore, she used to get rid of the terrible pains of menstrual cramps with the help of somewhat questionable painkillers that ended up

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