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14 artists who left Globo and are enjoying their success in new projects / Incredible

She reigned for a long time in the world of artists. To be successful, there were not many paths outside of Rede Globo. The company’s structure and investments in its productions put it in full leadership. And that’s why almost whenever we think of Brazilian celebrities, platinum professionals come to mind, right?

But times have changed and new avenues have opened up for artists who, even after decades at the station, have moved on to other companies and projects — and are doing great, thanks! Do you want to know who they are? Follow along with us.

1. Leticia Spiller — about 30 years of contract

The actress is an element of success in all productions in which she participates. One of the highlights of the house, since she started at Globo as a teenager, she has been an associate of the company since 1989. In 2021, the contract was not renewed and Leticia Spiller had to reinvent herself. Thus, the muse allowed herself to “go around all horizons” — she has already made a movie on Amazon and a series on Netflix.

2. Lazaro Ramos — 17-year contract

As a good actor, Lázaro Ramos was employed by Globo for 17 years. Before that, however, the Bahians had already broadened their gaze to other segments. With that, he was not surprised when he ended his partnership with the station. And the projects don’t stop! From film director and theater producer to writer and social entrepreneur, Lazaro has realized himself as a professional.

3. Fausto Silva — after 32 years

Fausto Silva arrived at Globo in 1989. He became an icon of our Sundays for more than three decades. For several years, the work of the program has shown that the model is becoming saturated. Thus, after 32 years, the contract was not renewed and Faustao moved to a new company with a daily schedule. The change saved the naturalness and joy that the presenter showed there at the beginning of his career.

4. Nivea Maria — 51-year contract

A high-profile actress at the station, Nivea Maria left Globo after a 51-year contract. Although over 75 years old, she calmly met this challenge. Talented and experienced, she knows that the doors are still open for specific projects, so much so that even after the dismissal, the actress participated in a Globoplay series.

5. Angelica — 24-year contract

Angelica grew up in front of the cameras: she spent 24 years alone as a Globo employee. The termination of the contract at the end of 2021 brought a new lease of life to the artist, who stated: “I am now free to make my own choices.” The change in the blonde’s profile was already felt at her last job at the station So simple. His first show outside of Globo was focused on astrology, on HBO Max.

6. Cissa Guimarães — more than 40 years of contract

She was in Globo afternoons as a reporter for Video show, more than 15 years. However, this is only one of the talents of Sisa Guimarães, who is also an actress and successful in the advertising world. And so she lives now after her 40-plus year contract with the network was terminated. The long world history left possibilities open and she is one of the main characters in the series. The divisionby Globoplay.

7. Fabiana Carla – employed for almost 19 years

Known for her humorous characters, few know the other side of Fabiana Carla. And that’s exactly what came after the artist left Globo’s contract team after almost 19 years of contract. Fabiana is dedicated to the cinema as an actress and director – by the way, in this position she even has an internationally recognized film with the award for the best documentary for a feature film. The case of Dionisio Diaz.

8. Reinaldo Giannecini — after 20 years of contract

The heartthrob began frequenting the corridors of Globo with a closed contract in 2000. Almost 21 years later, the partnership has not been renewed. But this is no reason to be sad. On the contrary, the actor says he’s celebrating the opportunity to “take more control, to have my professional life in my hands.” Leaving the network, he signed a contract with Netflix to appear in the series Good morning, Veronica and continues to embrace theatrical roles.

9. Fernanda Souza — 18-year contract

Eternal Milly of Chikititas, Fernanda Souza appeared as an actress on the Globo screens for more than 18 years. After that, she was still a presenter in group companies and at the station itself. In 2018, the artist did not renew with Globo for the third season of Just play Top. Almost three years after stepping away from the screen, she returned as the host of a reality show on Netflix and began devoting herself to the tools of self-knowledge, including studying alternative therapies.

10. Isis Valverde – 17 years at Globo

Who does not remember the mysterious Ana do Véu in the soap opera miss girl, in 2006?! Since then, Isis Valverde has had a contract with Globo for 17 years. Outside of the station’s artists, she rocks social media with more than perfect voices! It has become a powerful working tool for the actress, who is successful in advertising and boasts a profile full of public posts.

11. Walter Casagrande — 25 years at the station

Casao, as he became known in sports broadcasting, took up a career as a commentator after retiring from the grass. Over 25 years at Globo, he covered six World Cups and three Olympics for the network. The non-renewal of the contract, according to the commentator, is a relief for both parties: “No one was happy.” Shortly after the termination, he signed with an internet channel to bolster the commentary team and says he’s happy with the decision.

12. Andre Marquez — 27 years at Globo

André Marquez arrived at Globo as a teenager, for the cast of Training, in 1995. It was 27 years of contract and work as an actor and presenter, in which the boy wasted his charisma. After leaving, however, he put his body and soul into the service of the enterprise he’s had since 2013, a meat boutique that doubles as a gourmet restaurant.

13. Ingrid Guimarães — after 28 years of contract

Few remember, but Ingrid started at Globo with a role in a soap opera, playing a character that had nothing to do with comedy. Gradually she showed what she came for and won a place in the humorous and other productions of the house. That was more than 28 years as a station performer. With the split, in 2021, she signed an exclusive deal with Amazon Prime Video and starred in the original streaming productions in Brazil.

14. Bruno Galliaso — 18-year contract

Bruno signed with Globo in 2001 to join the cast of Mother’s daughters. Since then, there have been more than 20 productions with the actor. However, in 2019 the terms of the contract were changed and he was no longer part of the station’s fixed talent pool. It has since been successful in Brazil and Europe. He is the main character in the series Holyco-produced by Brazilian and Spanish Netflix.

Well, by all indications there really is life outside of Globo, isn’t there? And you, do you remember other former globalists shaking up other projects? Tell us here in the comments.

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