14 interesting tools for auditing and code quality management

Stuck with broken code? Can’t identify the cause of the error? It’s time to analyze your code for any problems that arise!

Internet software and applications around the world are becoming more complex by the day. With relentless competition and the need for quality in critical applications, maintaining code quality becomes paramount. Bad code not only affects the maintainability of the code, but also in some cases affects its performance.

Let’s look at some of the tools that are most suitable for solving this problem.


SonarQube is the most popular code quality and security analysis tool on the market. Thanks to the support of the open source community, Sonarqube can now analyze and generate output for more than 25 programming languages, which is more than most tools on the market.

It is available in free social version and other paid premium versions.

The main advantages of using SonarQuba are:

  • Easily integrates with CI/CD pipelines using a one-line command.
  • It can also be integrated into Maven and Gradle build cycle
  • It checks almost everything – code quality, formatting, variable declarations, exception handling and more

This will help ensure that your code is of the expected quality before merging!

Learn how to review code with SonarQube here.

Visual aid

Transfer your code to any method, symbol, reference, or file in your solutions and projects with Visual Aid. It helps you verify and upgrade legacy code and perform specific quality checks. It provides LLVM / Clang-based code inspection that fixes or diagnoses common programming errors such as interface problems, errors, and style violations.

You can get to the bottom of problems and fix cracks with a simple static analysis. Visual Assist helps reduce code complexity to make it extensible and improve readability without changing external behavior. With Visual Assist, you can easily change the code you inherit, the first draft of your work, or older code.

You can correct errors, especially cursor notation and upper and lower case letters, and the rest will be handled by the visual assistant. Additionally, create high-performance C++ code for the project you’re working on using VA functions and behavior. You also get an Unreal Engine 4 developer to disable IntelliSense and take advantage of support.

In addition, Visual Assist suggests completions while writing code to save time and fix queries during the project. Get shortcuts to open any file, find any symbol, go to the implementation or anywhere related to the current symbol, open the corresponding file, find references and quick actions, refactor menu, view methods in a file, and more.

The VA has two licenses. If you’re an individual, you can choose $129 or buy the standard plan for $279 if you’re an organization.

Deep scan

Deep Scan is great for scanning JavaScript code repositories. It can handle dynamic code quality checks for almost any JavaScript framework.

The main advantages of using Deepscan are:

  • Provides a graphical display of scan data over time
  • Useful for analyzing and monitoring the code management process
  • Useful for conducting code quality audits across your organization on a single platform
  • Automatic repositories scanning
  • It works in the cloud and locally

It provides the perfect dashboard to manage and maintain all your projects and evaluate code quality in one place. Dashboard is a real boon to present your quality standard to the customer.


Klocwork can perform static code analysis on projects of almost any size. The main advantage of using Klocwork is the ease of integration with Visual Studio Code IDE, Eclipse, IntelliJ and several others. This makes it easier for developers to use Klocwork.

In addition, it can also be integrated with CI / CD pipelines to ensure code quality before delivery. It supports C, C#, C++ and Java.


CodeSonar is a statistical code analysis tool that analyzes code from a computational perspective. It can create models from your code, analyze it for potential execution risks such as deadlocks, memory overflows, null pointers, data leaks, and many such hard-to-spot programming errors.

CodeSonar developers claim:

  • Scans code deeper than others.
  • It can detect 3-5 times more defects compared to other tools
  • It can build its own function call table to analyze the complete code model and provide quality output.

CodeSonar provides comprehensive code understanding and helps developers quickly identify and fix problems.


JArchitekt is primarily dedicated to the analysis of Java code. JArchitect is the most comprehensive Java code analysis tool that analyzes

  • Connection hierarchies
  • Memory consumption
  • Code complexity
  • Functional coupling
  • Block nesting depth
  • Architectural defects in performance

JArchitect is used by giants such as Samsung, Intel, LG, IBM, Google and others. This proves how great this tool is.


Bandit is a Python vulnerability scanning tool that scans Python packages for security vulnerabilities. It’s a popular tool among data analysts and artificial intelligence professionals for building code that meets organizational standards. Bandit is available for use through a command line interface.

Generates a security vulnerability report detailing the security issue.

For more Python security scanners, click here.

Climate code

Climate Code is an analytical tool that is extremely useful for an organization focused on quality.

Code Climate offers two different products:

  • Speed ​​- Recognize logical flaws and bad design patterns in your code. It provides a well-analyzed visualization of code quality and helps you resolve the same. Speed ​​functions are aimed at improving the functional quality of the code.
  • Quality – primarily focuses on code quality in terms of formatting, unused imports, variables, and unit test coverage. This is an automated tool that can automatically process all pull requests. This ensures quality before joining.

It supports more than ten languages.


Atlassian’s Crucible is an interesting collaborative tool for code quality management. Unlike automated quality control tools. Crucible is a fairly rare tool on the market that allows for collaborative quality analysis. Crucible allows integration with popular tools like Jira, Github, Confluence, as well as CI/CD tools like Jenkins or AWS CodePipeline.

Here are some of the Crucible’s features.

  • Review and collaborate on code
  • Automatically run code scans and view reports in the tool of choice
  • Automatically generate maps in Jira by sharing your review
  • Track the entire code review cycle in one place

Improve your static code analyzer

The strengthening of Micro Focus is aimed at scanning the security holes in the code base. It checks for known security vulnerabilities and malware or corrupted files that may be the problem.

Some of the exciting features are:

  • Automatic code scanning
  • It covers almost every programming language
  • Provides suggestions for addressing vulnerabilities
  • It provides rich code analysis that helps you solve problems faster
  • Easy integration with popular CI/CD tools


Codecov is a comprehensive tool for managing your codebase as well as building with one tool. It analyzes your push code, performs the necessary checks, and automatically combines them when necessary. Some of the additional features are listed below.

  • A single command line can scan, analyze, generate reports and combine them
  • It can be integrated with almost all common CI/CD tools
  • It supports an extensive list of over 30 programming languages
  • Integrates reports from the Github repository for easy code review


Check code quality and automate the process with Coding. It helps you track technical debt for more than 40 programming languages. You’ll get access to maintaining the quality of your own code by blocking merges based on your quality rules.

Codacy provides all the features you need, such as high security standards, code standardization, increased team speed, customized needs and more. Integrate Codacy into your workflow and receive notifications where you need to speed up the process.

Receive notifications on Slack or as comments on pull requests and gain complete visibility into technical debt and know exactly what needs to be addressed at what time. Customize your analysis with hundreds of rules provided by Codacy or use its configuration file.

Codacy checks performance and security before the process to protect the product from vulnerabilities. Define a quality standard and make sure everyone on your team is publishing consistent and healthy code. You can also choose the self-hosted version for the most secure environment and access to amazing features.

Pricing for small teams is $15 per user per month if billed annually, including cloud repositories and unlimited lines of code. Take advantage of the 14-day free trial.


Find refactoring opportunities, reduce technical debt and measure code quality with Kodak CI tools. You can use any version of the control system to sign in, including Bitbucket, GitLab, and GitHub. Set Codeac to know what’s happening in source control in seconds.

Easily identify duplicate code, cyclical complexity, new static analysis issues and save time on reviews. Monitor your project each time to improve code quality over time. It represents the software development cycle time for timing from first release to production.

Codeac is fully customizable and always provides detailed reports. Start managing your code quality today by analyzing issues in the blink of an eye.

Buy now for $0 with unlimited public repositories. Pay $21 per month per user to get unlimited private repositories. Take advantage of the 14-day free trial and experience the benefits.

Cloud sonar

Easily remove defects and errors with SonarCloud and quickly improve code quality. It helps improve your workflow with code security and continuous code quality so you can release clean code. It also automatically parses branches and decorates each pull request.

SonarCloud resolves issues that threaten your application and quickly detects bugs to prevent unwanted causes from affecting the end-user experience. It has excellent functionality that gives you access to amazing enhancements and features. Additionally, it provides clear and transparent dashboards to keep stakeholders and teams on the same page to maintain quality and reliability. You can also display designer badges to show off your strength.

Share practices and enjoy writing high-quality materials with SonarCloud. You can also connect to Sonarlint to receive notifications in the IDE. It speaks many languages, from Java, C++, Apex, to Ruby and Swift, and supports more than 24 languages, so you can rest easy about the security and quality of your code.

Get open source projects for free with full feature access. Get started with a paid plan by taking advantage of the 14-day free trial to get more benefits.


Code quality analysis and audits have become an essential process for every organization today. With the increasing use of open source libraries, code safety and quality have become crucial in creating high quality software.

In addition, better code quality also helps the organization reduce maintenance and improvement costs in the future. So these tools will definitely help you when it comes to creating quality software.

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