14 must-see movies and series coming to Netflix in November

ok i give up! It’s going to be impossible to watch everything I want between Netflix’s November releases. haha Not to mention other streaming releases!! Well, but I’ll have to prioritize. And if this is your case, here are my tips for must-see movies and series between premieres of the month. And good luck! hahaha!

Young Kings: Season 2– Day 1

Struggling to accept his new royal duties, Wilhelm fears that the title of heir to the throne will threaten everything he loves. The first season is also on Netflix.

Enola Holmes 2 – 4th day

ON the first movie it is grace. And now Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) has her first official case as a detective. He has to find the missing girl. He is helped by his friends and brother Sherlock (Henry Cavill).

The Manifesto: Season 4– 4th day

I haven’t even watched the third season yet, and the fourth is already here. Amidst the chaos, the Stone family and the passengers of Flight 828 try to understand their calls. And also ominous signs that keep appearing.

The Crown: Season 5– 9th day

The long-awaited season of this great Netflix hit. A new cast is taking over the series. Imelda Stauton is the new queen. Diana and Charles rock the media. And Queen Elizabeth II faces her biggest challenge in the 1990s: a public debate about the role of the monarchy.

Christmas autumn – 10th day

Lindasy Lohan is back – and still in a Christmas movie, lol (yes, they’re coming). After losing her memory in an accident, a spoiled heiress (Lindsay Lohan) is placed in the care of a charming widower and his daughter at Christmas time. Chord Overstreet, author joyis a good guy.

My father’s dragon – 11th day

On a mysterious island full of wild animals, a boy goes on fantastic adventures with a very special friend. Cult animation with the voices of Gaten Matarazzo, Ian McShane and Whoopi Goldberg in the original. The portuguese trailer from Portugal was the only one I found – and it looks so sweet!!!

Miracle – 16th day

Florence Pugh in another challenging role (I love her). In 1862, an English nurse (Florence Pugh) is haunted by the past. And he goes to the Irish countryside to investigate the supposedly miraculous fasting of a young woman.

Riverdale: Season 6– 16th day

He still watches Riverdale. I followed again and I think it has improved a lot. The mood remains gloomy. But Archie, Betty, Cheryl, Veronica and Jughead face a new season of uncertainty in their (terrible) hometown.

in 1899 – day 17

Trialer is great. The journey of a group of immigrants on their way to a new continent turns into a nightmare when they find another ship adrift. From the same creators darkalso available on Netflix.

Call a Friend to Kill: Season 3 – day 17

Jen and Judy became friends over a hit and run. Now another shocking accident will change the future of their friendship.

dreamland– 18th day

A brave young orphan embarks on a journey through dreamland to find a magical pearl and fulfill his greatest wish. With Marlowe Barkley and Jason Momoa (love him!).

Elite: Season 6 – 18th day

In Las Encinas, young people are looking for love, revenge or millions of followers. But will he survive? Detail: The trailer is really hot, ok?

Wandinha– 23rd day

Smart, sarcastic and half-dead inside, Wandinha Addams (Jenna Ortega) investigates a murder spree and uses the opportunity to make new friends and enemies at the Never Again School. I’m very curious to see Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia.

Santa’s diary – 24th day

Another Christmas movie. A writer (Justin Hartley) goes to spend Christmas in the house where he grew up and ends up crossing paths with a woman in search of her biological mother.

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