15 Kindle Tips and Tricks to Improve Your E-Reader Experience

There’s no doubt that Amazon’s Kindle devices have changed the way we read, and there’s clearly no need to stop them anytime soon. While there are other good e-readers on the market, chances are if you’re planning to buy, you’ll get a Kindle. However, if you’ve bought a Kindle recently, you’ll know that it’s not as easy to use as it sounds from the start. Yes, we are here to help you Here are 15 tips and tricks to help you get familiar with your e-reader:

1. Take a screenshot

If you’re wondering how you can take a screenshot on your Kindle, it’s actually pretty simple. All you have to do is touch the opposite corners (top and bottom) with two fingers at the same time, for example, in the upper right corner and lower left corner. Another way is to press and hold a corner and tap the opposite corner and a screenshot will be taken. The screen will flash near what you see on the page to confirm that a screenshot has been taken. You can then view the screenshots on your computer.

2. Set a password

If you don’t want anyone to play pranks on the contents of your Kindle, you can set a security password to lock the device. To set a password, go to Settings-> Device Options-> Device Passcode . Here you can enter an access code that will protect your content.

3. Enable page refresh

While the Kindle automatically refreshes the page after every 6 turns, it is also possible to refresh the screen after every page change. That way, you won’t see the ghosting effect after every page change, and you’ll also produce cleaner, sharper text. However, it does affect the Kindle battery. To turn it on, select Settings-> Reading options and include ” Reloading the page “.

4. Highlight the text

You can highlight text to save a quote or excerpt for later use. To do that, just press and hold to select the text you wantthen press ” To point out “. You can also choose” Attention “to save header text. The highlighted text remains highlighted in the e-book and is also available in a separate file.” Clips “.

5. Connect your social accounts to share clips

If you want to share a book quote or excerpt, Kindle includes Facebook and Twitter integration for easy sharing. All you need to do is link your accounts to the device. To do this, go to Settings-> Reading Options-> Social Networks and link your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Once your accounts are linked, you can just select the text from the book and press the “Share” button, share on social networks.

6. Disable recommended content

Kindle displays a recommendations section on the home screen, and if you want to hide it, there is an option. You can to go down Settings-> Device Options-> Personalize your Kindle-> Advanced Options and turn off” Screen display main “.

7. Create collections

If you plan to buy a lot of books on your Amazon Kindle, it’s important to create collections to keep things organized. As the name suggests, Collections lets you sort books based on your interest or genre. To create a collection, just like press the 3-dot menu button in the upper right corner of the home screen and select ” Create a collection Then name your collection and add the books you need to that collection. That’s it and you should see your new collection of books on your home screen.

8. Change the display settings

Contrary to what we’ve come to expect from modern operating systems, the display settings on the Kindle can be hard to find. Also Kindle display settings in some important functions like ability changes in text size, font, orientation, text spacing, margins and reading progress .

To check the display settings, open the book and tap at the top to open the navigation bar . Following touch the “Aa” icon. next to the share button and a bookmark to open the display settings. Here you will find different tabs for font, page and reading progress.

9. Reset your Kindle

Are you planning to sell your Kindle and want to erase your data, or is your Kindle having a problem? Well, you can always do a factory reset to shake it up. After resetting your Kindle, account, settings, all books will be removed from your device and you will have to download them again from the cloud.

If everything is fine and you still want to do it, press menu button WITH three dots on the home screen and go to settings . On the Settings page press the button again WITH three dotswhere you will find Kindle Store options, Kindle Update, Restart, Device Reset, Device Information. Select ” Reset your device ” and press “Ok” when prompted and your Kindle should be cleaned to a new one.

10. Force reboot to fix disconnection

If your Kindle lags a bit or just freezes, you can force restart your device to fix it. If your Kindle is running slower, just restart your device by pressing the power button to open the power menu and selecting “Restart” to fix things. If your Kindle just got stuck, you’ll have to press the power button for about 40 seconds to force reboot reader.

11. Increase the battery

Kindle devices already have great battery life, making modern smartphones look like powerful monsters. However, if you want to get more juice out of your Kindle device, you can do so via by turning on airplane modewhen you’re not downloading anything from the cloud or store. You can also set the screen brightness to minimum and disable page refresh, to improve battery performance.

12. Download “Active Content” to your Kindle

While the Kindle Paperwhite doesn’t have the ability to run Android apps or games, Amazon offers “Active Content,” which is nothing more than apps and games designed for Kindle E-Ink displays. There are some cool games like Sudoku, Every Word, Jungle Juice, etc. that you can install on your Kindle. All you have to do is head to the Kindle Store and searching for active contentgo to the app or game and select ” Deliver ” and select your Kindle device to place it on your e-reader.

13. Send e-books and other content to your Kindle

Amazon’s Send to Kindle service makes it very easy to send web articles, texts, documents, and even e-books from other devices. Supports formats ebooks Ignite, such as MOBI, AZWand other file types such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTM, RTF etc. It also supports image files such as PNG, JPEG, GIF and others.

Download the Send to Kindle app (Windows, OS X, Android, Chrome and Firefox)

Together with these applications you can even email these files directly to your Kindle . When you sign in with an Amazon account, Kindle automatically creates a Kindle email account for this purpose. For example, you have an Amazon account with an email address [chroniony e-mailem]account [chronione przez e-mail] it will be created automatically. However, before you or anyone else can start emailing files to the Kindle, you’ll need to add your email numbers to the “Authorized Personal Document List.” After adding an email account, you can easily send documents, e-books, etc. by simply attaching them.

14. Load ePUB eBooks with Calibre

If you have free eBooks downloaded to your computer, you can easily transfer them to your Kindle. One of the most popular e-book formats on the Internet is ePub, and that’s why Kindle does not natively support ePUB, you will need to use Caliber software, to convert, then transfer the e-book to your Kindle.

After you install Caliber on your Mac or Windows computer, it searches for an e-reader and you use it. After installing the software, you can add books and convert them to native MOBI or AZW format for Kindle. You can then send them to your Kindle using Calibre’s built-in email service, or you can send them manually. Pretty simple, right?

Download Calibre (Windows, OS X, Linux, portable)

15. Remove eBooks from Kindle and Cloud

When you click the three-dot menu button on the books on your Kindle’s home screen, you’ll get an option to ” Remove from device “, which doesn’t actually delete the book because it’s still available in the cloud. To remove content from the cloud, you need to go to the “Manage Your Content and Devices” page on and remove books and other content from it.

Ready to get the most out of your Kindle experience?

These are pretty simple but useful tips and tricks for your Kindle e-reader, but if you like tinkering, you can get more by rooting your device and unlocking a whole new world of features. However, we do not recommend this new Kindle buyer. So for now try these tricks and let us know if you need any help using Kindle. Audio in the comments section below.

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