15,000 fans celebrate the singer in WestfalenparklEnglish 

15,000 fans celebrate the singer in Westfalenparkl

Mark Forster thrilled 15,000 Dortmund fans on Sunday evening with a spectacular display. © Maren Carle

15,000 Dortmunders celebrated in abundance with Mark Forster at Westfalenpark on Sunday evening. From confetti to fireworks, the singer didn’t leave anything out – she even walked into the audience for a prank call.

Mark Forster is sitting on a step in the middle of the audience, in the middle of Westfalenpark, in the middle of 15,000 Dortmund fans. Dressed casually in rolled up trousers, a black T-shirt and a black cap. He holds a cell phone in his hand, the cell phone of one of his fans: Malik’s.

Mark Forster makes a prank call to the Dortmund crowd

Mark Forster offers spectacular displays of confetti, fireworks and large balloons

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