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17 little-known facts that confirmed “A Feia Mais Bela” as a unique / incredible production

when a soap opera The most beautiful Ugly was released, neither the audience nor even the production company expected the telenovela to be so successful. The fact is, however, that even today many people remember the plot fondly. However, we believe that not all stories need to have an end point and that’s why we’re telling you 17 facts about the beloved soap opera so we can start appreciating it from a different perspective.

1. Angélica Vale didn’t know that in the original version Betty also had a tiki

According to the actress, while preparing for the character, she didn’t realize that Betty in the original version had a tiki. In fact, a trait portrayed by the main character The most beautiful Ugly was built together with the director. When Angélica started to be made up, they realized they couldn’t make her look ugly, so the solution the production found was to make her compensate by acting.

After thinking about the topic, they decided that Lety’s eye and mouth would have a tiki. Because it was uncomfortable, Angelica requested that the character should only do this when she was extremely nervous.

2. Lety’s character helped Angélica Vale fight her low self-esteem

“I didn’t have Lety’s self-esteem at the beginning of the story. All of Aldo’s advice to Lety is the result of conversations that Salvador and I had before recording the telenovela,” said the actor. To this day, he is very grateful to the writer and the character for feeling that they helped him regain his sense of self.

3. Jaime Camil experienced severe depression before winning the role

“There is no such thing as evil that does not turn out to be good” is a phrase that is often repeated around. However, in moments when we experience disappointment, it is likely that such words will not seem very convincing. Perhaps Jaime Camil felt this firsthand when a Broadway play he was scheduled to participate in was canceled at the time. The actor was very depressed, but ended up winning the chance to appear in the soap opera, which brought him international fame.

4. Ricardo Montaner made a cameo in the original version and in The most beautiful Ugly

In the first kiss scene between Lety and Fernando, they decided to hire a singer to make a cameo and play a song to make the moment unforgettable. At that time, Angélica recalled that she met Ricardo Montaner in a certain context, who told her about her participation Betty ugly sings “Bésame” in a scene with Betty and Armando.

So he thought it would be funny if the same artist performed the same song for the kiss between the main characters in the Mexican version of the story. When it was done, the singer accepted the proposal without delay.

5. Lety’s suspenders were real (or were, at least in the beginning)

At the beginning of the soap opera, Angélica decided to wear real braces to make the character more convincing. The dentist in charge warned that he could only keep the device for six months, because in reality the actor did not need it. As the soap opera continued, the dentist decided to remove the appliance. That’s when the actor started using a fake version. Until the character stopped using braces as well.

6. The last chapter had more audience than the Oscars

The last chapter of the telenovela was the most watched in the history of Mexico, and the audience growth did not stop. Right at the end of the plot, The most beautiful Ugly scored 43 points in the audience ratings, surpassing the 2007 Oscar ceremony telecast by nine points, no small feat. The final chapter ran for three hours, and as if that wasn’t unusual enough, it aired on a Sunday.

7. Angélica Vale, who was characterized as Lety, made a cameo in the North American version of the telenovela

When, in the North American series Ugly Betty🇧🇷 the main character goes looking for a change in appearance, Lety’s character appears in the background. Only she is referred to as “Angelica”, the actress’ real name.

He was even filmed with the heartthrob in the new version of the story set in New York. We hope Fernando doesn’t get jealous when he sees the picture above.

8. Jaime Camil was on the verge of not being a soap opera heartthrob

When the project was starting to come to fruition and Angélica Vale had already been chosen as the main character, Jaime Camil was not the first or second option for the role, but the fourth. Fortunately, the rest of the cast walked away from the job, but Jaime only needed a little time to join the cast. And the production company was not very keen on waiting for him. Not to be outdone, Jaime called Angélica, and the actor revealed their conversation:

“Jaime called me and said, ‘Okay, I just talked to Rosy Ocampo (producer). He said they can’t wait for me. Please convince him to wait until I become a soap opera heartthrob. I ran downstairs and said to Rosy, ‘Wait for Jaime Camil. We can shoot all the scenes without him, but please, we have to wait for him. That’s because I knew I wouldn’t have the same chemistry with anyone other than him.”

9. Jaime Camil and Angélica Vale are good friends

Before the soap opera, the actors had known each other since childhood and had a good friendship. In fact, Jaime Camil is the godfather of Angelica’s daughter. After the success, they continue to publish pictures and videos together on social media to support each other in the projects they develop.

10. Angélica (Julieta) and Angélica Vale (Lety) are mother and daughter in real life

Throughout the telenovela, we could see that Julieta and Lety had a great mother-daughter relationship. Possibly one of the reasons for the chemistry that both actresses showed on the small screen was that in real life, Angélica Vale is the daughter of Angélica Maria. The latter, by the way, insisted that he would accept the role only if his daughter was the main character, which was his desire to work with his relative.

11. Jaime Camil made a publication that told about the possibility of a new season of the telenovela

Some time ago, Jaime Camil played with our emotions the same way he played with Fernando Lety’s. This is because he did a Publication On Twitter, he announced the confirmation of the new season The most beautiful Ugly. But it was all just one I’m just teasing, clarified another tweet sent by the same actor. It was an April Fool’s joke.

We don’t know whether to laugh or cry. But who knows? Between one prank and another, the truth can come out. And maybe one day we will be surprised by a new phase of the beloved plot.

12. Aurora’s character was not in the original version

Although Lety was forced to transform into the seductive and mysterious Aurora at one point, as fascinating as that character was, the truth is that she was not in the original story. Aurora was created for the Mexican version. On the subject, Angélica Vale said that it took so long to prepare the character that it was easier to characterize herself as Lety than Aurora.

13. José José’s character needed voice actors on several occasions

José José was not an actor, but a singer. However, the biggest problem he faced was not creating a convincing character, which he did with ease, but his voice. Due to the singer’s past, the character’s lines had to be re-recorded because they were not understandable:

“He was doing so badly with his voice that he had to be recorded. It was not possible to record directly in the studio. And he was the one who had to dub himself, they wouldn’t let anyone else do it,” they said. However, the effort was worth it considering that the actor rose to stardom thanks to the character.

14. Angélica Vale had to lose 20 kilos to play Lety

In order to give life to Lety, the actress had to follow a strict diet: “I kept my mouth shut. I haven’t eaten in a year and a half, I deserve credit for that. I lost about 20 kilos with diet and exercise,” Vale said.

15. Many celebrities have gone through a soap opera

If the audience was distracted even for a moment, they could miss it, because the story featured several famous people. Some of them were Ricardo Montaner, Tiziano Ferro, Ha-Ash and Yuri.

16. It was so stressful that the producer had to pay psychologists for the actors

Due to the success achieved, they decided to extend the telenovela, in which case the Actors had to work from Monday to Sunday in shifts lasting up to 18 hours. The exhaustion of the main characters was so great that the producer decided to promote meetings with psychologists to help them deal with the stress caused by the work overload.

17. Julio Mannino couldn’t fly

When Julio Mannino got the role of Simón The most beautiful Ugly, he knew he should ride a motorcycle, but he didn’t know how to do it. So the Actors trembled with fear several times when they saw in the script that they should climb on Mannino’s back, because they did not know how the adventure would end.

What part of the novel did you remember best? What aspects do you think The most beautiful Ugly made it such a deep and interesting production?

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