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18 examples that show you can make your day at the thrift store incredible

It’s possible that at some point in your life, you’ve seen one of your parents enter the house with shopping bags and a big smile, happy that you’ve gotten something from an offer to reject. Well, there are people who go further and search specific locations in search of lost treasures.

1. “I spent a total of BRL 21 on these cuties. They are in almost perfect condition. I never thought I would find them under R$1000

2. “I found this retro toy kitchen at a store in town. It cost only R$60

3. “Decorative camel for R$210. Brad, my pet, for size comparison”

4. “I paid 80 BRL for this blouse vintage from the north”

5. “I found this armchair in the shape of a hand. It’s from the 1970s

6. “I found it at a flea market. It looked fake, but it’s actually a real Rolex from the 1980s. Here she is after she got back from the watchmaker.”

  • Nobody believes me. I paid less than 240 BRL, and the repairs cost 1500 BRL. It can be sold for about 26 thousand R$. © 3D****Goggles / Reddit

7. “I bought it for R$15 at an item auction”

8. “I found a mini armchair for cats for only R$42”

9. “I found a new toaster out of a box at a thrift store for R$30. A new one costs about R$1,000”

10. “I just found this thermos vintage for under $25″

11. “I found Night Vision Goggles for only R$374”

12. “I found this glass lamp for only R$12”

13. “I hit the jackpot. I found this free turntable on the internet. I also met one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.”

14. “Yesterday I found an autographed copy of the album hot commotion, / The killers, only R$ 12. It is one of my favorite albums of all time. My best find yet!”

15. “My weekend treasure: I found Vans sneakers in my size for only R$42 per pair”

16. “I was looking for a rainbow colored lamp for my daughter when I found this one for only R$12”

17. “I dug this Polaroid Looney Toones🇧🇷 It cost 400 R$

18. “I found this 14 carat tortoise shell brooch at a flea market. I paid R$160. A friend offered R$4000 for it

Take advantage of the topic and tell us: what is your buyer profile? Are you one of those people who haggle and do a lot of research before signing a deal?

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