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18 people who are already living in the future with the amazing things in their home / Incredible

More and more people want to make their home smart, but that doesn’t just mean buying lots of tech products or putting in light bulbs that turn on and off with your mobile phone. You too can have a futuristic home with a little ingenuity and a lot of fun. Such is the case with some Internet users who are not far behind when it comes to improving their homes.

1. “I passed this mailbox in southern Maryland”

2. “When you don’t want to part with the good old sewing machine”

3. “It’s impossible not to laugh every time I pass the kitchen sink”

4. “On inspection of the home I discovered that the bathroom was connected to hot water; interesting infrared image”

5. My Little Nixie Tube Clock

6. “My radio-controlled clock was showing an impossible date in the distant future”

7. “My husband bought this gadget to improve our Wi-Fi connection and now I don’t know if he wants a hug or a fight with me”

8. “Faucet that illuminates water”

9. “My wife has a small spatula to make the most of the contents of the bottles of hygiene and beauty products”

10. “I made a hidden galaxy that glows in the dark on my kitchen resin floor”

11. “Something for every ’90s kid”

12. “My sink has a light that changes according to the temperature of the water”

13. “A friend of mine installed underfloor heating throughout her house”

14. “My awesome sister covered our old kitchen table with beads and rosin”

15. “My wife and I moved in early 2020 and decided to make our home unique”

16. “I made a USB charging station with room for cables and accessories”

17. “We have a small bathroom without many surfaces to put things on. I work to create a relaxing/clean and very functional space.”

18. “My toothbrush wishes me a happy birthday”

What inventions do you think would be really useful to make your home “smarter”?

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