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18 People Who Rejected Their Marriage Proposal But Are Happily Ever After / Unbelievable

When we start dating, the topic of marriage is not always on the agenda, but after a while we automatically start thinking about it. Even if it’s because of third-party issues. And it even makes sense, after all, if you’ve been with someone that long, it’s only natural that they’ll get married at some point, even if it’s just to pick up their toothbrushes and move in together. However, there are some people who end up getting a surprise when they order, a big one and a definite no. But what happens after not? That’s what you’ll find in these 18 stories.

Have you received or declined a marriage proposal? Do you know someone who has a similar story and the person thought they were going to get engaged but actually heard no? What happened after that? Share with us in the comments!

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