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18 people who took us back in time when they passionately recreated an old photo / Amazing

Many people like the idea of ​​plopping down on the sofa or bed to admire family photo albums. In these moments, memories, emotions and feelings of nostalgia fill us so that it is as if we are traveling back in time. And when we look at how much we’ve changed between then and now, we’ll probably end up wanting to breathe new life into an image.

Some netizens took the time to recreate as best they could photos taken at some point in the distant past. Even celebrities aren’t left out of the trend, as many of them had fun recreating iconic old images, and we show you the results (1 and 2).

1. “1953 vs. 2023. 17 years vs. 86 years old. I can not believe”

2. “Reading Paper With Dad”

3. “My grandmother made me pose next to a dam in 1964. Then I was in the same place in 2022.”

4. “Today and 66 years ago. I’m 84 now”

5. “20 years ago and now”

6. Back to the Past: 1998 and 2022

7. “At Christmas 25 Years Ago and Now”

8. “Toy Robot in 1982 and 2022.”

There are certainly not a few who find recreating childhood photos with loved ones a very fun activity.

9. “2000 to 2015. Three Cousins ​​of Generation Z”

10. “The day the oldest met the youngest!”

11. “My little trilogy of Back to the Future! Before and after”

12. “Phew! How long was that boat trip!’

13. “My sister got married over the weekend so we recreated this gem from our childhood”

One of the ways to remember the funniest moments spent with our brothers and sisters and recorded in a photo is to give new life to that special image.

14. “1991-2019”

15. “Same beach, 25 years apart

16. “I found an old picture of me playing on the computer. I feel like I haven’t changed that much.”

17. “My husband at 32 and at 68”

18. “I realized my hair was the same length, so I had to recreate this photo. 2011 and 2023

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