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18 People Who Will Think Twice Before Ordering Their Next Delivery / Unbelievable

Not everyone can go to Michelin-starred restaurants, so most of us are content to prepare our own meals, visit a regular restaurant or order food from home. In the latter case, however, expectations and reality may differ. This dish that looked delicious could easily turn out to be a hilarious culinary fail.

1. “The amount of lettuce they used to wrap my burger when I asked for no bun”

2. “Apparently someone dropped the pizza, but no one wants to give me my money back! Because the delivery service blames the pizzeria and the pizzeria blames the delivery service”

3. “I ordered a Big Mac without the extra third bun. What is this?”

4. “I asked bites from chicken. They are harsh and won’t give me my money back.’

5. They ordered a vegetarian pizza and technically delivered that

6. “It was on the menu as a ‘breaded pork tenderloin sandwich.’ However, why bother to put the bread?’

7. They found yet another way to serve nachos with cheese. That wasn’t the best idea

8. “I ordered soup at an expensive restaurant, waited almost two hours and got this”

9. Of course you ordered iced tea, but you didn’t specify that you wanted it in a glass.

10. “We ordered pizza at Copenhagen airport. Here’s what we have. Not to mention we paid the equivalent of almost R$85 for each one”

11. “Our fries arrived at the table in a rusty bucket”

12. This should have been a a bagel with cheese

13. Are straws really necessary?

14. “I ordered macaroni and cheese at an Italian restaurant and got this. I am aware that this is a crime.”

15. “A delicious Caesar salad served in the most inedible way possible”

16. “The Tiramisu it was delicious, but…served in a coffee pot?’

17. “To avoid having to cook, my friends decided to order a roast turkey from a restaurant”

18. “A pizzeria in my town started putting a ball of dough in the middle of the pizza to keep it intact”

Have you ever had to deal with a food order that didn’t arrive as expected? Prefer to cook, order delivery or go to restaurants?

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